Report: Purchase Intent for Move, Kinect is Low

Data shows that while most gamers are aware of the new motion controllers, few want to buy them.

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playstation_clan2761d ago

they are the ones who plays the most "games" and not gimmicks.

Blaze9292761d ago

"It should be noted that EEDAR's report is based on traffic data from, which tends to skew "hardcore." Purchase intent may be much higher among the more "casual" gamers once they're aware of the products."

Luzce2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

It a quote from the article... if anyone bothered to read it.

Just like the Wii we can expect these peripherals to be more popular with the casual audience, the ones that don't care so much about gaming as to read online about the upcoming tech gadgets.

Personally, I don't care for any of this stuff. I'll stay with my DualShock3, thank you very much.

AridSpider2760d ago

It's matter how much such you try to make of something, it if isn't pro-sony then you're getting attacked here.

sid4gamerfreak2760d ago

because real gamers dont get hyped for motion control fad

Xtra_Meaty_XT2761d ago

any joe schmo would know that kinect is the business

Donny2761d ago

any joe schmo would know that kinect is the business?

how about this...any real gamer with a brain in there skull is going to know that "move is the real deal.

Keltik822760d ago

It's called Precision and buttons, you need it for those hardcore games that Kinect isn't going to have.

I will still use my DS3 controller for sure, but I can see the Move taking over for some of my hardcore games I saw it used during Socom4 and I'm like it a lot! It is showing a lot of potential for Casual and Hardcore gaming. Bring on the Playstation Move!

ER-AM2761d ago

And what business is that? The business of doing a complete 180 and ignoring the people who got you to where you are?

SpaceFox2761d ago

You just gotta love when all gamers come together to unanimously agree that something is horrible, in this case Kinect. Lol.

bjornbear2760d ago

sounds like a serious disorder...

is the guy in your avatar a joe schmo? disgusting...

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HolyOrangeCows2761d ago

"It should be noted that EEDAR's report is based on traffic data from"

Sheikh Yerbouti2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

So this means nothing. This could be skewed toward people looking for a train wreck for all we know. I've always been curious about the use of web metrics in market research. I have some validity concerns. If there's been negative articles on the Kinect in IGN, what does that say?

I'm sure Microsoft is doing this, but I'd hope some of these companies are doing some honest to goodness survey research.

Luzce2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

MS & Sony just want a piece of Nintendo's pie. IMO, they are way too late. Most people that would want one of these products probably already own a Wii.

Forget this crap and bring more AAA games pls.

EDIT: I'll play Killzone 3, etc. with the DualShock...

Ult iMate2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ Luzce
I have a Wii and I have a PS3. RE4 with wiimote was great, Super Paper Mario was great, Metroid Prime 3 was awesome. So it's not only about motion controls - it's about games for these controls. As long as good core games continue to out for Move (as KZ3, Ape Escape, RE5, Sorcery and so on), I will support Move.

dizzleK2761d ago

because there's just no reason to buy them yet. maybe we'll see when the 2nd wave of software hits but as of right now, forget it.

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