Team ICO "hard at work" on Last Guardian

Sony's European boss Andrew House has admitted it would be nice to see The Last Guardian again, but has no idea when we will.

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Prcko2728d ago

omg how much longer,i wanna see new footage :((
pliz show something new at tokyo game show

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playstation_clan2728d ago

wait..... this is not on the 360. haha sorry for the fanboy comment but 360 fanboys keep sending messages in my inbox

TheLastGuardian2728d ago

The Last Guardian needs more time for polish I think. I will be satisfied with just the Team Ico collection coming out this year.

SupeerSteebbi2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Team Ico have ONLY made good games. The Last Guardian is going to be Shadow of the Colossus all over again.

vickers5002728d ago

Hopefully it sells better though, because Team ICO games are some of the few games that warrant a full priced purchase.

Blaze9292727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

yeah exactly. I love how everyone is speaking so high and mighty about this game and Team ICO yet when it comes to Ico it only sold 700,000 copies worldwide, with only 270,000 of that coming from the United States.

Bunch of phonies. I actually bought Ico and loved it but don't go around hyping this up just to now buy it in the end again - this developer deserves it.

~Sales source:

sikbeta2728d ago

Team Ico Create Masterpieces Always....

Snakefist302728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

why do yu come in here to be a jerk!!

Well The Real Jerk Is U For Trolling Like A Jerk.

The Last Guardian Is One Of The Best Masterpieces Ive Ever Seen Since Shadow Of Collosis And ICO.

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BABY-JEDI2727d ago

Well put comment. Ico is probably one of my all time favorite games PERIOD!!! Everybody on this planet should play this game to start to understand the emotional potential of games as well as the amazing art style ect.

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tiamat52728d ago

No rush guys. Perfection takes patience. Make it shine like the stars

Spenok2727d ago

Agreed, i cant wait for this game. GOTY for me personally i have no doubt (for whatever year it comes out of course)

VersusEM2728d ago

good to know, cant see how the gameplays gonna be knowing Team ICO(is that really their company name, werid)

maddhatter1232728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

i heard from some site it is like a mix of sotc and ico. basically the monster is like the girl in ico(it travels around with you) and you climb on it like you do in sotc to solve puzzles. TLG is a guranteed masterpiece team ico hasn't put out anything but masterpieces.

coolasj2728d ago

It may take a couple more years. And you might wait forever and ever. But it will be perfect.

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The story is too old to be commented.