Jaffe "felt bad" about Twisted Metal fibs

David Jaffe has explained how he lied about the existence of a PS3 Twisted Metal game in order to preserve "an actual genuine E3 surprise".

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alphakennybody2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Its called necessary evil. Just like bombing on civilian when the allied had to liberate europe since there was no way around it.

IdleLeeSiuLung2795d ago

Yeah, and we don't do that anymore against terrorist. It's better they kill us, otherwise it is inhuman!

The atrocity of an advanced society!

thematrix12982795d ago

Lets see how you react when your family member looses live in collateral damage. Child, before you write/speak put your self in their shoe.

zahdab2795d ago

So to kill terrorists that killed civilians you kill civilians .... hmmmm and in return they will hate you more and therefore create more terrorists that are sworn to get back at you !!! awsome logic ... lets turn into a twisted metal game coz this is very twisted for my taste

IdleLeeSiuLung2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

My parents lived during the Vietnam war and they talked about how the communist oppressed the people (and they still do today) so I'm intimately familiar with this. My parents escaped Vietnam many moons ago.

We almost always hold modern society to higher standards, but yet we never acknowledge that military personal is no different than civilians. A life lost is a life lost regardless of it being civilians or military personnel.... I would argue that if we stop them in their tracks and take no chances, the terrorist will stop using civilians as human meat shields and fewer civilians will die.

When you go to war collateral damage is expected and when your enemy is using that against you, you have no option but defend yourself. Yet, when we do we get hanged out in public for it.

@the matrix said:

"Lets see how you react when your family member looses live in collateral damage. Child, before you write/speak put your self in their shoe."

Well I did loose family members during the Vietnam war, I just didn't know them.

In fact, I would argue stop putting yourself in others shoes and think logically. If you put yourself in others shoes you might get emotional and might choose options that aren't the best. After all, why won't anyone think of the children and ban video games!!!


No, I'm saying kill the terrorist accept that there will be collateral damage and fewer civilians will be killed. Don't target civilians!

maddhatter1232795d ago

what the hell is wrong with you two? this is nothing like a war or anything important. it is at best like a parent not telling their kid what they got them for chrimas. can we please just stay on the topic of the game.

karan86242795d ago

At all those above trying to sound "Deep"
Then maddhatter hits the nail on the head with a christmas present analogy

VersusEM2795d ago

Twisted metal is gonna kick @$$

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playstation_clan2795d ago

he is not going off-topic, hes talking about twisted metal.
maybe your just crying inside that you cant play it OK

SOAD2795d ago

I have a PS3. Maybe you're just defending your alternate account.

It must tear you up inside to know that there's nothing you can hold over my head. I have 31 PS3 games and 6 PSN games. And all you have is an N4G account and too much time on your hands.

peowpeow2795d ago

And no console to play with. Just dreams of a ps3

gtamike2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

can't wait for this game too bad xbots that did have a PS1/PS2 twisted metal game, PS3 version FTW.

Pedobear Rocks2795d ago

all along was 'no comment'...he didn't have to lie. He is a media whore.

maddhatter1232795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

i guess that is why he lied to the media to keep his game from them? i'm sure he could of got more attention for revealing the game so your theory is a little a flawed.

mrv3212795d ago

He FORCED the media to ask questions they knew he couldn't answer.

Who here was slightly surprised at twisted metal E3? I was and that's a good thing.

Oh no a guy we don't know lied to us...

sikbeta2795d ago

Saying "no comment" would derive in more of the same question and would imply that the game exist

crck2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

He didn't have to lie to anyone. All he had to do was keep his fat mouth shut like he said he would for a few months. The dude is an attention whore. He'll do anything to get attention like he is doing right now. Apologizing to get attention. He didn't have to do interviews and appearances on shows or do his dumb blog. What he should be doing is working on the f-ing game. But he can't stop himself.

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Fishy Fingers2795d ago

He would of been contractually obliged to not say anything, the old "does not comment on...." wouldnt of worked with Jaffe.

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