Video: Awesome Real-Life Paintball Sentry Gun With Portal Turret Sounds

Sentry gun that's surprisingly good at spotting targets. Just that it utters things like "Are you still there" after a target disappears.

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RatFuker2887d ago

looks like a spaceship game, cityfolk will love this, gotta try this one out for sure on my ps3.

MAR-TYR-DOM2887d ago

The Toronto Police could certainly use this against the G20 Protesters.

coolcut1352887d ago

thts one pissed of machine

Pumbli2887d ago

Haha, man it would be funny to surprise someone with a turret like that. :P

*walk into dark room*
*get plowed by paintballs and run out*
"Are you still there?"

DavidMacDougall2887d ago

*Get hit in eye, blinded for life*

Wizziokid2887d ago

I would re-program it to say "Welcome to the pleasure dome" in the Portal voice.

Walks in room...
Turret activates
"welcome to the pleasure dome"
sprays the person with paintballs

sonicriderZG82887d ago

How fun it would be to post this near a local police station.
Seriously though, I wanna be the guy trying to dodge the paintballs. It looks like a lot of fun.

2887d ago
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