Microsoft wants to put RROD issues behind it

VG247 writes: Albert Penello, senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360, has said that Microsoft wants to put the console’s hardware failure issues behind it.

Speaking with IndustryGamers, Penello said that the lack of rings on the slimmer 360 model is part of putting the RROD fiasco to rest.

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zeeshan8102945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Yeah..MS don't care about fans..they just want to make MONEY $$$
There are a lot of stupid people in the world who buy second Xbox after the first Xbox gets RROD.

ElitaStorm2945d ago

my stupid friend bought 3 xbox's

2945d ago
NYPunkster2945d ago

my autistic friend just bought a, no a billion xboxsese!

the xbox is on it's last legs. it just got wifi, harddrive, HDMI but still doesn't have blu-ray. pfft!

el zorro2945d ago

nice story, bro.

I love the silly stories ps3 fanboys tell themselves.

Dee_912945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

lol sooo just because you personally dont know anybody that bought new xbox after the frst one died means nobody bought new ones ?
i dont understand your logic

hell im buying a new one
my cousin and 4 friends bought new ones

but i dont think ms did it on purpose its just that they release xbox too soon before they worked out all the kinks .. obviously

radphil2944d ago

sill stories? We have people that came to our store that noted that they were on their 3rd,4th, even 5th system.

If they like wasting their money after that many times, they might as well donate it to a worth cause instead of wasting it.

PRHB HYBRiiD2945d ago

the damage is done ms theres no way to change that -.-


When is Done, is Done.

RROD is actually the worst technical failure in the history of videoconsoles.

HolyOrangeCows2945d ago

Microsoft wants to put its current userbase behind it in terms of priorities, as well, so that they can hope to attract a Wii-type audience.

I'm one of the original 40 million with a defective model. I WANT to put the RROD behind me, but I'm not going to give them a $300 reward to do so.

el zorro2945d ago

Did you say the same thing when the PS2s were having hardware problems?

Let's put this in perspective. The original Xbox was quite reliable (I still have mine), the launch 360s had issues that Microsoft had to fix (at great cost to itself), they later majorly improved the 360s reliability with later chip sets like the Jasper, and now they have released a totally redesigned 360 S that will mostly likely prove to be a reliable machine. The next generation Xbox will probably also be very reliable.

So are you going to damn them for all time based on that period where there were hardware failures? At the same time you don't apply the same attitude towards Sony. It's pure hypocrisy.

Neko_Mega2945d ago

Sony fix the problem with ps2 and ps3 in a short time, yes xbox was build good but you would think they would't get it wrong with 360.

The 360 has fail a lot longer then most systems and the rrod maybe dead on the new 360, but it alreadey is getting red dot of death.

Plus who would want to pay 300 bucks if they couldn't get it right the first try?

Absolut_Turkey2945d ago

The PS2 fail rate was no where near as high as the Xbox 360. Either you didn't know that, or you forgot. Either way you're talking out your ass. That's the problem with you fanboys.

blazBlue2945d ago

Give me a statistic showing that PS2 failures were just as bad as the RROD.

Go on, I'm waiting.

I find it HILARIOUS that 360 fanboys always bring up the PS2 like it had the worst problems ever. How about you stop defending the RROD and Microsoft?

CimmerianDrake2945d ago

And Microsoft still hasn't addressed the real problem. It isn't hypocrisy to point out that MS is CONTINUING to make the same mistake on purpose. And I thought that we were in a new generation of game consoles? I didn't realize people were playing the PS2 and Xbox. I thought they were playing the PS3 and Xbox 360. Sorry, my bad. *rolls eyes*

radphil2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

@el zorro

Ps2 Issues:
Disc Read Error

360 Issues:
Disc Read Error
Overheating issues
Harddrive Failure

How in God's name could you even remotely compare the issues of earlier systems to an issue of a NOW-gen system, in which had more problems than previous generation systems.

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Oner2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Here is some "perspective" for you then ~

Many forget (for some odd reason) to mention the failure %'s was still within an acceptable industry standards for the PS2. The only reason why it seemed like a lot is because

2-3% of 140 Million is 2.8-4.2 Million ~ PS2

33+% of 40 Million is 13.2 Million+ ~ 360

In the history of electronics there has NEVER been console with a bigger failure rate amount than the Xbox 360. PERIOD.

Edit: Oh and before anyone [email protected]#$%^ I have a RIGHT to complain as I have just received my 6th RROD a few weeks ago (SCC did it) and I will not be spending another dime on my launch 360 the saying goes ~ fool me once (my first 360 purchase) shame on you, fool me twice (any other 360 purchase I WON'T be doing) shame on me.

Sez 2945d ago

Wow dude. I agree with you 100%. I hated Sony for my ps2 dying on my three times and having to pay out my pocket before Sony lost their cads action suit. That when I use to explain my hate for Sony because of the dre with the ps2 on this site. Sonyfans would tell me to get over it and let the past go. Yet they are here saying that they will not forgive MS for the issues with RRod with the old 360's.

Let's be honest here. Both company have had their share of issues. I just recently got RRoD for the first time with my launch 360. But in no way do I hate MS for it. Will it stop me from buying another next gen console from MS in the future? No. Because like sonyfans would tell me in the past. Let the past go and move on.

Sonyfan let the RRoD issue go. I have let go on my hate for Sony and just enjoy games from both companys. I don't want to see any company leave the gaming business. Because competition brings out the best in both companys. And I would love to see what both Sony/MS bring to the table next gen.

ReBurn2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I think that your perspective is quite wrong, Oner. The PS2 wasn't at 140 million in 2005 when Sony settled their DRE lawsuit. And Microsoft wasn't at 40 million when RROD was at its height. Not to mention the overheating issues with the first PS2 slim models. Yeah, those were not the highest quality hardware. And although you have no earthly idea how many PS2's were defective, it had to be much higher than 2% to 3% for the class-action lawsuit to move forward.

You guys like to spin the numbers to make one company look bad and another look good, but it's a fool's errand. Everyone can tell you have no idea what you're talking about so you just make stuff up.

Oner2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

My perspective isn't wrong. Certain people just don't want to get it, let alone believe it...even if you account for 2005, 2004, 2003 or whatever "time" it happened the PERCENTAGE is the key point and that's what matters. It was within acceptable industry standards then and now. Ultimately it doesn't matter what "year"; it's just another excuse/spin for those who are trying to change the subject over the 360's failure rate that is BY FAR the worst in the history of gaming electronics!

The article and topic is about MS, the 360 & the RROD and yet certain people just won't discuss that properly (for some odd reason) so they bring up Sony (why not Nintendo's NES or the Sega's Dreamcast?) to obfuscate and try to shift the focus about things that are nothing more than false opinion more than what is known & proven. But you are right in that it is a fool's errand because people hear what they want to hear and dismiss what they don't want to believe...

Think about it ~ Why is the focus on what I said, when I wasn't the one to bring Sony into this? I just pointed out who said what and that it was missing certain info (probably to make their opinion seem more valid). Why aren't those of you jumping on me not discussing more of the RROD, E74, it's own DRE & power brick issues specifically? I find that quite odd and very telling....but that is to be expected as usual and par for the course around here.

ThanatosDMC2944d ago

If it's less than 140M, then since it's a PERCENTAGE. That means less consoles were affected. My PS2 died too... but it was after 3-4 years of heavy gaming and not a couple of months that's a huge difference in reliability issues.

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Greywulf2945d ago

Lets say the PS2's failure was 100%, thats the PS2. And its not in competition with the 360, the PS3 is. Which doesn't have a failure rate of 1 in 2 as the 360 does. Its apples to oceans...

BUH BUH ps2!!! PS2's failures still have nothing to do with Microsoft's current failures as a company providing solid hardware. They want to pretend to be offering this amazing entertainment device. Yet they don't want to admit that it breaks 90% of the time. They have never released RROD statistics. Just claim its down as you take your next 360 into its coffin.

Microsoft had...


working hardware for the Xbox1.

They went backwards in quality to rush a botched sub-prime console out ahead of sony's playstation 3. Its evident in its basic hardware design (power brick) Overheating, and DVD disc technology. Thats the fact. Hardware all has its failure rates, Microsoft went higher with their second console than their first.

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LeonSKennedy4Life2945d ago

People will buy them regardless.


People buy cheap crap all the time.

CimmerianDrake2945d ago

it's the tightwad way. they exist the world over.

soxfan20052945d ago

So, wanting to buy the console with the highest number of 80+ rated exclusives is now called being a tightwad?

CimmerianDrake2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

When you know that the hardware is the most prone to being faulty, and you can say "hmmm, well it's only $200", not only does that make you a sucker, it also makes you a tightwad yes.

Besides, Nintendo has the 2 highest rated games this gen, and Sony has the highest rated exclusives so your example fails.

*EDIT* Wait a minute, why did I even bother saying Sony has the highest rated exclusives? Just because it's true, doesn't mean I should say it, who the hell cares what Metacritic's failed ratings system says. The ratings from that site are so flawed it could be considered a Microsoft funded projected just for that reason alone.

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