5 Celebrities Sony Can Hire To Promote PS Move

With Microsoft recently hooking up with young super singing star, Justin Bieber to promote Kinect, who can Sony hire to promote the PlayStation Move? Even Kevin Butler and Marcus Rivers may need some help now that Microsoft has stepped out of the box. Below are 5 celebrities that can help Sony sell millions of PlayStation Move motion controllers.

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SupeerSteebbi2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

If Megan Fox would play a little with the PlayStation Move, it would sell in tens of millions.

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T9X692669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Hell no

SSKILLZ2668d ago

sick band but I'm gonna have to go with

Gene Simmons!

Tomdc2669d ago

I think they wanna aim it at more casual gamers.. i don't think she would be the best pick for that kinda :P stick with Kevin Butler, The man could sell salt to a slug.

On another note Justin Bieber DISCORAGED me from buying natal.. hate that kid

LeonSKennedy4Life2669d ago

Tomdc "discoraged" me from continuing my English education.

Legosz2669d ago

He may of discouraged you, but he encouraged millions of preteen girls.

Tomdc2668d ago

Oh God! I missed a "u" you need better things to do with your time mate..

SpLinT2669d ago

The fact we need celebrities to make items sell shows how far America has fallen

SaiyanFury2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Frankly, too many people in the west rely on celebrity endorsement for products. I judge products based on their merits and how they identify to me as a consumer and as a gamer. It's not just America that has fallen, it's pretty much the majority of North America and no doubt a lot of Europeans buy into the same philosophy. So many people obsessed with "flash" appeal, and not with the physicality of a product. Then again, so many people in the west are obsessed with reality shows, it displays the mindset prevalent. Just one man's opinion here. I would rather games be shown for what they are and what they contain rather than Hollywood's whoring of celebrities.

wsoutlaw872668d ago

because of the fact that a famous person draws more attention and recognition than just any person off the street means america has fallen? I dont know where that makes them fall to but doesnt sound like that big of a deal to me really.

some people act like any little change means that its the end of the world and something is failing. alittle over dramatic

Xtra_Meaty_XT2669d ago

they need to hire a porn star, they would rightly represent

HolyOrangeCows2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

"5. Hayden Christensen"
That would be a good idea if they had a Star Wars game in the works. Such bull that Kinect gets a stupid on-rails thing and the absolutely perfect medium for a lightsaber-based game gets NOTHING.

"3. Terry Crews"

Redlogic2669d ago

you can bet ur a$$ that Lucas Arts will release a sick light saber game at some point (or they can get another studio to make it a quality title)

Jamegohanssj52669d ago

Miley Cyrus that is all.


basicsameh5142668d ago

yea megan play with that dil..move!!

KingPin2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Id definitely buy move if i could play with Megan Fox! :P <pun intended>

Red-Dead-Roar2668d ago

chuck norris can only do everything with the move !

BYE2668d ago

Megan Fox is dumb, she doesn't fit Sony.

She used to be hot before here plastic surgeries.

Jab-dees-nuts2668d ago

megan fox would help sell? are you kidding? look at her acting career. shes cursed all of her recent films flopped

secksi-killer2668d ago

how about making some great games to sell it!!

ColecoVision2668d ago

I guess you haven't seen the box office numbers for Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex... She can't sell shit right now.

barom2668d ago

I kind of liked the idea of Terry Crews. He's just too funny to ignore and would be an awesome complement to Kevin Butler.

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alphakennybody2669d ago

we don't need celeb, just shows the games.

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Garnett2669d ago

Exactly.. If Sony shows lots of good games then MOVE will sell decent.

If they are looking to hire an celebrity to promote PS move, just hire Miyamoto, and he would say "Wee would like to play"

Rumor2669d ago

would like to MOVE XD
MOVE out the way for the system that only does EVERYTHING

Tony-A2669d ago

Well, they got JT and Peyton Manning to promote 3D so I'm sure they'll try getting some more big names for Move (they already have the worlds most recognized company with them for Move campaigning).

Pacquiao for The Fight: Lights Out! haha

LeonSKennedy4Life2669d ago

1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Scarlett Johanssen (Both of them together would be great!)
3. The Smith Family (Will, Jada, Jaden)
4. Jack Black
5. Home Improvement cast reunion. ;)
6. Pixar characters...

xX TriiCKy Xx2669d ago

Damn your list would be perfect apart from Home Improvement. But that's probably because I never liked the show.

MGRogue20172669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

... How 'bout they hire Pierce Brosnan & make him go around aiming it like a PP7 like he does in Goldeneye & Die Another Day! :)

... What? I dunno' .. I think it'd be pretty cool. It'd be no brainer for advertisement if Goldeneye was also coming for the PS3.. & not just the Wii