Greatest SEGA Collection on sale for over $10,000

With 1000 games spanning numerous consoles, one eBay collector is selling his entire SEGA collection for just over $10,000. Hardcore SEGA fans should certainly take notice before the auction ends in just under two days.

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eggbert2947d ago

nostalgia really makes people go crazy.

Imperator2947d ago

I would buy this if I had 10,000 bucks. Damn, wish I was rich.

drewboy7042947d ago

Anyone have $10,000 laying around i could use.

HarryM2947d ago

Even though "1000" are a lot of games, it's not worth the price.

Rucury2947d ago

For you, maybe, but I'm sure there are a couple of die-hard Sega fans who would pay maybe double that.

And we're not talking about 1,000 games you can easily find lying around either. I'm pretty sure these are some rare mint-condition games.

And I think he's also selling consoles and accessories. So all things considered, It's a collector's dream come true. For $10,400.

tplarkin72947d ago

If you were to buy everything individually online, or at pawn shops, the gas and shipping would cost 10,000.

skip2mylou2947d ago

whoops i thought that he bid 3thirds rather than his auction only having 3 bidders

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The story is too old to be commented.