Gran Turismo 5: What We Know

3xG says: "With the impending release of Gran Turismo 5, rumours, articles and press releases have all surfaced from the wood work. In this article we sift through all of the media relating to Gran Turismo 5 to provide of list of items confirmed, to appear in GT5."

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Dylantalon12827d ago

all i know is that gt5 is the best driving simulaor game ever.

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Dee_912826d ago

at evilblackcat sarcasm

EvilBlackCat2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

People hyping this as the best simulator ever... LOL!!! x1000

Well GT5 have been officially over hyped

once this game come out and people find out that is not that all Best Simulator ever...


PS3GTloyalists in damage control.

well im not getting distracted for beautiful graphics and detail

is all about the gameplay and in this case simulation

Forza 3 is the first to achieve PC Racing gameplay simulation experience on consoles so Polyphony Digital better bring it too or better because this game have been officially over hyped.

You all are hyped about graphics (like always) but we real racing fans and real gamers knows that the gameplay is the soul of a game and the most important aspect in a video game. Do you guys still believe that xbox 360 cant achieve those graphics? well PD have spend a looooooooot of time in this game no doubt graphics looks gorgeous but hey this is nostalgic right now... reminds me of GT3... oh yeah beautiful graphics in those days but geez what the fuck happen to simulation?


* Will feature over 1,000 cars

-NO DOUBT! i mean lets see... NASCAR, GT and RALLY cars.. of course.

* 200 cars are classed as premium and include the most detailed interiors and adjustable headlights

-;) The premiums... in other words the chosen ones

* Full NASCAR races will feature

-... duh!...

* World Rally Championship will feature Jeff Gordon, Tony Stuart, and Dale Earnhardt Jr will feature as themselves

- in the words of the hip hop gamer "AMAZING"... NOT really

* 20 different tracks with 70 variations

-Now that is a lot of tracks

* The Top Gear track
... ehhhh ok?

* Time of day cycles

-Well spend time sitting watching time fly

* Lighting effects all objects and particles in the game

-...... I am going sooooooooooo fast h wait look flashy objects

* Smoke from tyres is simulated in real-time

-... [email protected][email protected] LOL! x100

* Sparks and small stones are simulated in real-time with all cars

-ehhh ok

* All cars receive physics damage, dirt marks, scratches and dents

- wow i dint notice this duh!

* Only premium cars feature damage that separate body parts and panels

-YUP HYPED Remember those days when you all hyped this features and now they just have make some cuts on them?... yup dont act now like nothings happen.

* Damage does not feature in all race types

-Seeeee what i mean

* All cars can roll-over

-Once a glitch show up in this game youtube will be full of them
What goes around comes around

* You can walk around your car in photo mode and the entire scene

-oh really mmm... well i been there before

* You can create multiplayer track days and races for just friends

-Here we are not sure about what we have done so go ahead and make yours
I have a feeling this is not what the majority think it is.

* You can spectate any other players racing

d-_-b zzZZ

* You can share race data easily between friends
Wow they just used the word easily here to make you think that is waaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than previous racing games is so funny

* Gran Turismo 5 will be in stereoscopic 3D
ReallY? Nah you are just messing around dude right?

* The game runs at 1080p at 60 FPS

PirateThom2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Forza 3 is an arcade racer which was sold on bullshots and models that you don't even race with and a non-existant feature list. The handling is garbage, Forza 2 was a better sim.

Keep deluding yourself, though.

stonecold12827d ago

the 360 cant handle gt5 at all

itchy182827d ago

LOL!!!!x100000 @ your comment

Redempteur2827d ago

this cat has troubles to accept reality

biggame9012827d ago

That was downright pathetic. GT5 is going to trounce Forza 3. It's ok to admit it. You'll feel a lot better about yourself.

lodossrage2827d ago

you've just won the award for Fanboy rant of the week. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! lol

Redrum0592826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Evilblackcat is in deep deep butthurt cuz he won't be able to play GT5. If he realy has a ps3 and is a true simulator fan Like he sais, then he wouldn't bash GT5 like that. Most of those comments are just filled with troll.
He has no ps3, and isn't a driving sim fan.
He only has 360, and is a driving arcade fan.

Ontopic: those are alot of features, even the nonpremium cars look great, and physics that are updated and upgraded from gtprologue.
This game is gonna be great.
I prefer to wait for 5 years for a closely realistic driving sim, then to spend 60$ bucks on countless sequals to a driving sim that is barely upgraded and still fails to live up to the quality if the sim that took five years to developed.
GT5 is an investment because it will last a long time with much content.
Other sim- a bad spent 60 bucks on a sim that is forces to "barely" upgrade every 1-2 years.

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cobraagent2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

We do know that it is going to be the most revolutionary racing game after GT1 of course

Gran Touring2827d ago

*The article didn't mention dynamic weather; don't forget about that

St02827d ago

or the track editor thing

lodossrage2827d ago

at the bottom of the page

MariaHelFutura2827d ago

All I know is I`m gonna be playing this till my PS3 breaks, I`m still playing GT5P.

redsquad2827d ago

Me too, and yet I know that I STILL won't unlock all the cars...

mrv3212827d ago

This will be the most definitive racing game of this... Oh wait, that line has already been used.

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