The Top Ten Best MGS Franchise Cutscenes Of All Time

If there was ever to be a top ten list of the best games ever created, I reckon, at least 3 titles out of the Metal Gear Solid franchise would not only make the list, but be at the top of it.

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Joule2726d ago

Wow what great cutscenes and number 1 definitely deserves it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 = Best game this gen

sikbeta2726d ago

Great List Indeed, MGS4 Final Battle is The Best...

morganfell2726d ago

MGS4 is the best title I have ever played. But my cutscene vote goes to what occurs after the credits in Naked Son.

ico922726d ago

MGS4 blew me away, easily one of my favourites, the microwave tunnel was so emotional.

ThanatosDMC2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Best one for me was when Liquid Ocelot shot everybody with his two fingers... "BANG!"

US army got fingered really badly.

Imperator2726d ago

MGS4 is definitely the best game this gen. Heck, I like it more than UC2.

Man In Black2726d ago

There was any real consequence. He just throws up in the next scene and gets up again.

maddhatter1232726d ago

what consequences did you expect? if you played the game you would know what he was doing was important. what did you just watch the video ALFAxD_CENTAURO posted and think that was all that happened?

Man In Black2726d ago

I've got the game, jackass, and I've finished it several times. I'm saying that the lack of consequence takes away from the scene overall.

maddhatter1232726d ago

again since you seem to be a simple minded person. what consequences did you expect it isn't a game that gives you braching paths like me2 or heavy rain. you're just bitching for the sake of it most games don't give you any consquences other than if you don't get through a place you die and do it over why does this have to do more?

karan86242726d ago

Cus he keeps getting disagrees for having an opinion

Fuck that

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Man In Black2726d ago

All 4 games have had amazing cutscenes. 2 had the jaw-dropping scene at the end, when Ocelot escapes with RAY. It was so fucking epic when I played it all those years ago.

1 had the cutscene where Gray Fox sacrfices himself to save Snake, which is one of the most emotional cutscenes I've ever seen in a game. The remake butchered it, with worse voice acting and music, and an emphasis on flashy matrix-style acrobatics.

3 had the awesome CQC fights with the Boss, as well as the whole ending.

And 4 had that final boss. Perfect way to end Snake's story.

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NotoriousWarrior2726d ago

I think there could have been 1 more cutscene from MGS4 in there.

Mista T2726d ago

currently playing peace walker, great game! the true mgs and not "lightning action" like MGS:R

Gran Touring2726d ago

IMO, The Debriefing of MGS3... why wasn't that in there?

CobraKai2725d ago

That scene got me choked up a bit.

jaosobno2726d ago

Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot at the end of MGS4. The best scene ever!

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