One-on-One game play footage of NBA Elite 11 featuring James and Durant
"EA Sports has played it slow with introducing NBA Elite for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to fans of their previous NBA Live series. First they made the announcement of the name and game changes, then they sent out some screenshots including how the new controls work. Now EA demoed a little of the game at an NBA Draft party but it wasn't the full game. Just a little one-on-one between two of the NBA's biggest stars."

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xHarvey2796d ago

Looks pretty good to me. Hope they execute well.

Xtra_Meaty_XT2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

me too, superior xbox version for me! :)

Biggest2795d ago

That looks HORRIBLE! If it were DeAndre Jordan versus Darrell Arthur I could understand the very generic movements, dribbles, and shots. But those are two of the most distinct and recognizable players in basketball. Neither player looks or moves like that. EA NBA games have long been very generic overall. I remember back in the Jordan days when players at least had their "special" moves. Now everyone does the same move with different results. As a basketball fan I am offended by that video. NBA2K has been the better game since it was introduced. It looks as if things will stay the same. EA might want to spend more time on Street and leave the real basketball to the pros.

Redlogic2795d ago

you can't possibly get superior xbox or ps3 versions of this game cause it doesn't exist. NBA 2k is far superior to NBA Elite in almost facet of the game. EA knows this has been true since 2000 which is why they went with a new name. It'll work on some since there are always people who buy it solely on the fact its a EA game with a new name (same ol ish to me though).

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blu3print2795d ago

like there's playing with a wiimote

Crazyglues2795d ago

At 2:33 on the video you can clearly see he has a Wii remote in his hand so I don't know what's going on here but something doesn't add up...

Queasy2795d ago

Possibly just playing another game like NBA Jam and came over to watch NBA Elite but didn't set his controllers down.

That's the only thing that makes sense to me since this doesn't look like it could run on the Wii.

killyourfm2795d ago

I doubt this is the Wii graphics engine, looks too smooth.

MxShade2795d ago

Clearly it's a white PS Move.

PS3DOESIT4ME2795d ago

song takes me is called nice and smooth for those that dont know.

Sci0n2795d ago

NBA 2K11 will be my choice plus wwith MJ being the cover athlete and endorsing it the game will bigger then ever. They also have the rights to all the NBA legends NBA 2K will continue to dominate EA Bball games.

VoicesInMyHead2795d ago

Cover athletes have nothing to do with the game. PERIOD.

If 2k11 doesnt fix the AI or the glitches, im skipping another year of bball games unless this elite can shape up real quick

Fishy Fingers2795d ago

Looks pretty good. My favourite basketball game is still Courtside on the Gamecube. Not sure if anyone played that but it was good in its day.

Biggest2795d ago

The Kobe Bryant arcade type game? I actually enjoyed that one as well. The arcade mode (which was almost the same as the simulation mode) was a mix of NBA Jam and And 1. I had a lot of fun with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.