Internet Trolls to Real-Life Stalkers

Borderhouse: "It was a Friday. It snowed that day. I remember because I had a history class I was late to, but I was hurrying back to my dorm room to grab a jacket instead. One minute it had been a nice warm March day, the next it was freezing as a mixture of rain and snow started falling from the sky. Walking inside the building, I found the elevator was full so I opted to walk up eight flights of stair instead. In retrospect, it was probably that walk that saved me from being scarred for life."

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Nike2853d ago

And somewhat distressing. Not sure what the guy would have done but it's incidents like these that really make you think twice about you insult or hate on the internet.

Cevapi882853d ago

this is why you dont play WoW...just say NO

PCnPS3Gamer2853d ago

seriously when she was talking about wow like it was real life my jaw hit the floor and i face palmed a bit, lol....some people need to get real is such an enabler to give up on a shitty life.

Consoldtobots2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

nice pic, hope that illuminati piece of @#$ is roasting in hell for introducing the world to totalitarian socialism.

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Umbrella Corp2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Play video games and have a life kids. EDITED

FantasyStar2853d ago

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Golden Rule)
2. Liberal-use of Facebook will come back to punish you.
3. Gender-topics are soo dramatic on the internet
4. World of Warcraft Guilds are "Serious Business"
5. The word "troll" is grossly overused.
6. The meaning of Misogyny is exaggerated on the internet.
7. LOL Twilight-dude.

LeonSKennedy4Life2853d ago


Edward as the main pic.

That's gorgeous.

I actually like Twilight though. Sorry, guys. No, they're not as well written as Harry Potter or LotR, but they're still great books. The first movie sucked! The second was better. The third is directed by the same guy who did 30 Days of Night. I'm hoping it's better.

I don't expect Underworld, but still.

Killzone3Helghast2853d ago

Twilight.. srs bro, watch real vampire movies.. not vampires that sparkle in the daylight lulz

neogeo2853d ago

"not vampires that sparkle in the daylight"
bubble up for that was epic lol!

That was the worst/most gay movie I was ever forced to see with my wife. There was like 200 girl and 5 or 10 guys at that movie. I BOOOD at the top of my lungs at the end and almost got mobbed by the woman.

Rashonality2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

"I BOOOD at the top of my lungs at the end and almost got mobbed by the woman"
you're my hero

dizzleK2853d ago

there are very few movies where vampires aren't totally gay. nosferatu, dracula, underworld, 30 days of night and daybreakers are about it. vampires are terrible no matter how you slice it.

dinkeldinkse2853d ago

You seriously like twilight? I am sorry, but I just lost a lot of respect for you.

vickers5002853d ago

He can now no longer criticize anything for being crappy. He has lost ALL credibility. Any time he wants to argue about why X is better than Y, you can just point to his comment history and discredit him instantly.

Consoldtobots2853d ago

lol seriously dude, I know WOMEN that think Twilight is for pussies.

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