Being Kratos: A God of War Analysis

EXP: "As a character, Kratos appears to operate on a narrow emotional spectrum that spans from 'angry' to 'super angry'. Despite all this, Kratos is actually an extremely well-realized character and his story is an example of outstanding single-player narrative design. The themes (regardless of their maturity or complexity) explored in God of War's story and those conveyed through its gameplay complement each other."

(This post contains spoilers for God of War I, II, and III)

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Joule2916d ago

Sex, kill gods, sleep, repeat.

Strange_Evil2916d ago

You forgot to add 'Goes to Hell'

lociefer2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

u also forgot betrayal, anger issues

El_Colombiano2916d ago

Kratos doesn't need sleep.

Nike2916d ago

"Sex, kill gods, sleep, repeat."

This is to imply that gods can be killed more than once, yes? :P

peowpeow2916d ago

This is to imply that Kratos can kill gods from any mythology! Muahaha =]

2916d ago
40cal2916d ago

You all should pick up a copy of the book or even the comics if you really want to get to know Kratos.

There both good buy the way, you more than likely will not be disappointed.

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Xof2916d ago

They only play games. Well, most of 'em. They're not really exposed to quality storytelling. Odds are they don't read, or what they do read is garbage, and they only bother watching garbage cinema. I mean, there's really no other explanation for a quote like this:

"Kratos is actually an extremely well-realized character and his story is an example of outstanding single-player narrative design."

You have to have exceptionally low standards to conceive a thought like that. We're talking bottom-of-the-barrel here.

Another thing I hate about (most) gamers: I'll probably get flamed for this post because I dare to suggest that a game might be utter garbage in a single aspect (writing) despite having very strong gameplay. Go on, click "disagree." You know you want to.

El_Colombiano2916d ago

I disagreed because half your comment was b*tching about getting disagrees like it mattered.

Nike2916d ago

Did you just pick out that one line and decide to bash the writer's entire opinion based on that? Not trying to judge you - just don't see how else you could come to that conclusion that he's got "exceptionally low standards" for appreciating Kratos' character.

2916d ago
Galaxia2916d ago

So, according to you, I and every other GOW fan only likes Kratos and GOW's story, because we only ever play hack n slash games, we never watch films of quality and substance, and we never read anything other than fan fiction?

That's an awful lot of generalizations there friend. Bubble down for you.

Canary2916d ago

Particularly the quoted line. It's not a matter of liking the story or characters--it's a matter of considering GoW as being at the extreme edge of "quality." On this point, I agree 100% (and absolutely cannot see how anyone might disagree): if you think God of War 3's writing represents top-tier writing, you simply have NOT been exposed to any quality writing.

Galaxia2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The quote says "Kratos is actually an extremely well-realized character and his story is an example of outstanding single-player narrative design."

Specifically take notice of the last part, "Single player Narrative design". In that aspect GOW really succeeds. GOW is probably one of the best examples of a game that really succeeds in telling it's story through the gameplay and the players actions themselves. Instead of having several hours of long cutscenes and lengthy dialog, akin to a film or a novel (and better suited to those mediums as well) it presents a narrative in a form unique to video games. And it does it brilliantly.

I am really sick of film buff elitists barging in and belittling video games narrative styles. Video Games and Films are two different mediums with their own strengths and weaknesses. They should be incomparable. It's the same if you are going to make a film out of a novel, the book is going to be better because that particular story was custom constructed around a novel format. A film will only add some visual flair. However a narrative formed around the strengths of film (eg. using only images and sound to tell a story without dialog) would not do as well in a translation to a novel (unless it's a picture book). Same for Video Games, GOW's story is perfectly told through the actual gameplay itself and through the players actions. NOT through cutscenes and dialog. And that is what the article was pointing out, and I agree with that.

XOF seemed to be judging GOW's story, and the opinions of it's fans based just of his opinion that games need to have a narrative structure identical to film or a novel, or it sucks. That's not true.

games4fun2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

You think god of war isn't a well realized story? The premise is well thought out. First off, how many books came up with the idea of a man hell bent on vengence, killing off gods? you may say what you like but the premise is very well realized.

Secondly you think gamers dont read books? You are very ignorant.
I would also like your definition of a gamer. To you, it probably means sit around, only play video games, and not read. (I am sorry if this comes off as hostile. The way in which you generalized a group of people is very annoying, especially because i consider myself in the group.)

Also by the author's admission it is a "NARRATIVE". Mainly the inner monologues of the character kratos maybe they aren't shakespere worthy but it is at the very least satisfactory.

The reason why the atmosphere is not talked of in a game is because it is visually created. How good would a lot of books read with just the narrative XOF. You would find without the fancy description and well placed transitions, a book might not read as well as you think.

Xof I do not mind you pointing out a weakness in writing. Notice I used the word satisfactory. Would you point out a weakness in writing for an action fantasy novel, or is it not required to be as deep. I would have you consider God of War in the same light.

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MGRogue20172916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I heard Kratos doesn't go to sleep.. & is amazing in bed. :)

You want proof? Just ask any one of the women in his personal ship.. They've all been savagedly raped & can no longer walk in a straight line. :P

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