Super Mario’s Best Levels

"Just when you think you know what Nintendo is going to do next, the Mario maker throws us a surprise and creates a few levels for Mario Galaxy 2 that are entirely two-dimensional. But instead of rehashing the past, the developers utilized the gravity-defying thrills of the Galaxy system to design levels like Upside Down Dizzy Galaxy, a brilliant world that will thoroughly test your side-scrolling skills."

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Caspel2828d ago

No Super Mario Bros 3? That's a shocker.

fatstarr2828d ago

I miss Super Mario Sunshine feels like that game was swept under the rug...
and everyone forgot.. it was pretty fun and different.

KaijuNexus2828d ago

Good article. Took me back to some great gaming times, both old and recent!

HopSkotch2828d ago

Seriously that thing scared the mess out of me. Just going under water for the first time was shocking. The thing is just starin at ya. Then coming back up for air was creepy too knowing that thing was under you haha

Riddicrash2828d ago

I thought that level was just pure genius...But maybe I'm alone in this :S

kesvalk2828d ago

it was tense for sure...

i died a couple of times on it too...

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The story is too old to be commented.