Nomura To Announce New Game at TGS

In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, aka Kingdom Hearts and Versus XIII creator, has confirmed that he will be announcing a new title at the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

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gaffyh2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

If it's FF7 remake exclusive to PS3, internets will explode. :D

But let's face, it, that's never coming :(

Reibooi2947d ago

Spoiler Alert

It's probably neither of the games they think it might be. KH3 isn't coming for awhile Nomura already said there are more games in the series being planned but none of them are KH3 so yeah it's not a FF7 remake and it's not KH3. More likely it's a unexpected sequel or something completely new.

gaffyh2947d ago

What if it's Kingdom Hearts 3 for 3DS = KH3DS? OMG, not that I don't want the game to be in 3D or whatever, but I'd be really pissed to have to buy a brand new system and play the game in crappy graphics, and not HD graphics.

ShinMaster2947d ago

Instead of FF7, why not remake one of the better FF games :)

lpfisher2947d ago

Agreed, wholeheartedly. FFVII is not at all the best game in the series. I'd take VIII or IX over VII anyday.

ShinMaster2947d ago

Definitely IX or VIII. But I'm also thinking of older classics like IV, V or VI. I'd love to see those remade in 3D with current gen graphics :)

Ryudo2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Actually FF7 is regarded by the general public as the best in the series, your welcome to have your own opinion of what game is better but it doesn't make it right.

There is most likely 40x more people that would want to see an FF7 remake then a remake of FF9.

I wouldn't mind a FF8 remake myself but my heart will always be with FF7, I can't stand Final Fantasy 9 and that's my own personal opinion I wouldn't want a remake of that game.

It 6 I a decent fan base but still its no where near as big as 7s.

Darrius Cole2947d ago

It probably some multi-plat game that is the cost of Nomura had to pay to the suits at Square-Enix for keeping FFv13 a PS3 exclusive.

Probably similar to the way that Hideo Kojima had to make MGS:Rising as payment to the suits at Konami to all stop them from harassing him about MGS4 or MGS5 for 360.

Myze2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

@Ryudo You are correct that VII would draw the most money, but that's because VII had far more advertising and reached far more people.

Although not really relevant to their decision, the majority of people I know that have played all FF's, including myself, find FFVI to be the best in the series. The problem is that a lot of (at least a big chunk) the gamers now days have never played FFVI, or dismissed it because they tried to play it after playing VII and thought the graphics were too poor. (I think FFVI's graphics hold up far better than VII's, but not important)

Anyway, I would definitely buy a remake of FFVII, but I can think of a few games I would rather see remade (FFVI, IV, Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears).

Although, I would much rather see a new Chrono game, HD FF Tactics game or Xenogears than a remake. Sadly, none of those games are gonna be done.

FFTactics is stuck with barely mediocre DS Tactics-Lite games.

Xenogears has too small a following, especially after the "meh" average Xenosaga series.

The Chrono series is the only one that has any chance at some point, but the director of Chrono Cross is working on FFXI and XIV, and a few years ago, he said he wouldn't make a new Chrono game until FFXI was done. So now, with XIV, there's no telling if/when a new Chrono game will be made. If it were to be done soon, it would most likely be a handheld game, which would be a huge disappointment.

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SO71D2947d ago

I'd love to see a FFVI remake, it's way more interesting than VII

ShinMaster2947d ago

Quality over popularity.
Not to say VII is bad at all.

theunleashed642947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

a ff7 remake would make every site & forum explode to kingdom come lol

colonel1792947d ago

for XBOX 360!!

LOL.. I'm Kidding

Ryudo2947d ago

That's why I don't think we will see an FF7 remake this gen, am quite sure Sony has some rights to the game so it would have to be PS3 exclusive if released I think.

The PS3 is getting good lately but there installer base still can't justify such a massive investment by a 3rd party company.

Maybe with the PS4 if Sony is back on top will we see a FF7 remake I don't mind waiting 20 more years as long as it comes.

pinkyxyz2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

even tho the ps3 is in 3rd place, its install base is still 35million+ and even if they announced the game it still wouldn't be available for at least another 2 years. by that time the ps3 will easily have a 50+ install base. This game being remade on the playstation platform is a no brainer IMO

not only that but sony is the 4th largest shareholder in squarenix so im sure they can work something out since their literally gambling with their own money

rebirthofcaos2947d ago

well nomura said before that KH3 is not in development, and SE also said that FF7 will take 30 years to be done.

Ryudo2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

SE never said an FF7 remake would take 30 years that was just some crap a troll twisted from a general statement.

The guy said making FF7 in the style of FF13 would take 10x longer. that's clearly just an off the mark general statement people make constantly.


Ben: hey bob why not try building them stairs this way?

Bob: no way ben that would take 10x longer.

He doesn't mean its going to take 10x as long it's just a general statement people make to imply there way is faster.

Important people have to be careful on the internet nowa days morons will twist completely honest statements into utter pathetic bull crap.

I can't believe this bull crap is still flying around the internet and moron's actually believe this. And even if he did say it would take 30 years which he DIDN'T!!!

When does 1 employee speak for a whole company like Square-Enix.

rebirthofcaos2947d ago

and yes FF7 remake for ps3 should kill the internet for a few days.

Kurisu2947d ago

I love FFVII so much, but I'm getting really fed up of hearing about it. I'll wait for Versus, Agito and XIV. NEW games.

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