GameStop trade-in deal for Xbox 360 Slim is dead, no longer taking pre-orders

GameStop initiated a trade-in deal at the launch of the new Xbox 360 S (aka Slim) that allowed owners of older Xbox 360s to bring in their consoles and accessories and trade them at special prices to reduce the cost. We took advantage of this offer so that we could review the revision of Microsoft's console before they quickly sold out. Now there is news that the trade-in deal is over just a week after it started.

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IdleLeeSiuLung2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The 360 Slim has been selling really well at as well! It's been consistently in the top 5 if not 3 since it appeared. Just a redesign with a few bells and whistles seems to amount to huge sales....

Arnon2889d ago

Add new motherboard with the CPU/GPU combined into a super-chip at a 45nm process, as well as a better heatsink and fan.

Imperator2889d ago

It's gonna take a while for MS to ship enough units. I mean, they announced it one day, and released the next so it's obvious that there would be low supply for a while. This could mean that the 360 is selling very good, or that there's just too little of them to meet demand (which I think is the case).

logikil2889d ago

The deal isn't over, it is still active until July 17th or 18th, it simply means you can't pre-order and take advantage of it. However to get the deal you have to be lucky enough to get into a store when they have a shipment and hope all the systems aren't eaten up by the pre-orders. So no Gamestop didn't kill the deal.

Evoluti0n2889d ago

I was just about to repeat what you just said.

You are correct sir.

killyourfm2889d ago

WHAT??? My god, the general public is barely realizing the 360 S is available, and they yank the deal? Lame.

dangert122889d ago

microsoft don't advertise so well anymore did you see how they backed final fantasy compared to
splinter cell and alan wake which were only on microsoft platforms they even pushed cod harder then the said to like i said give it 6months the 360s will run sales for a little while but as for as advertising microsoft have lost there edge or are just saving for reach

dangert122889d ago

come on look at e3 crackdown 2 did't even get a run but black ops did then they went on about the dlc still no crackdown 2 or nighty nine nights 2 backing etc

honest truth i've seen more cod mw2/ff13 xbox adds
ME 2, SC:convictions,Crackdown2 and nighty nine nights 2 adds

dizzleK2889d ago

you're right, the only 360 exclusives i see ads for are gears and halo. isn't crackdown out in a week? i don't even see banner ads for it on websites. it's like ms only cares about advertising the games that already sell, with a little push crackdown or alan wake could have been huge. don't tell me they can't afford a few commercials.

tatotiburon2889d ago

microsoft don't advertise so well anymore?? hahahaha LMAO...all E3 from microsoft was advertising, MTV broadcast, times square, tv ads, the opening of this little kid 360 slims and kinect are everywhere....where is move? i know in the last places in charts

Queasy2889d ago

I thought it would last maybe more than a week though.

orange-skittle2889d ago

Must be true because I cant find one anywhere. I didnt want a trade in, I just wanted to purchase another console and they have been sold out everywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.