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Gamer achieves highest gamerscore in the world with more than 600 games played

The highest gamerscore in the world belongs to Stallion83, whose profile indicates the completion of over 600 games. Even more impressive is that Stallion83 has set a goal for himself to hit the one million gamerscore mark in the future. (Culture, Xbox 360)

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dangert12  +   1861d ago
Alane wake ^_^ good game....that guy needs to get a life
Kalowest  +   1861d ago
This is his life.
dangert12  +   1861d ago
its sad gaming is more of a hobbie to me then a life style

@Jamie Foxx
thats funny dedication or medication
and yh its true who are we 2 knock him =/
if he reaches a million micrsoft hould give him his money back lol
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Jamie Foxx  +   1861d ago
dedication......or he needs

honestly,if thats what gives him joy who are we to knock him...

if he reaches a million ms should give him a gold-plated 360 or something
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Boody-Bandit  +   1860d ago | Funny
This guy would probably turn to dust if the sun ever finds him.
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drewboy704  +   1860d ago
lol true
heroicjanitor  +   1860d ago
His girlfriend should delete his account
Or if not a girlfriend then someone he knows
UltraNova  +   1860d ago

A guy with 150,000 gamerscore hasn't seen the light of day for months on end, let along this guy having a girlfriend...

Either its fake or he is brain locked in jar hooked on a 360 24/7!
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NecrumSlavery  +   1860d ago
Google PSN ID: Hakoom

That guy has over 100+ platinum trophies.
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beardpapa  +   1860d ago
If he had a girlfriend, she'd probably think he's Peter North. Of course, it's all just digital.
Silentmerc3nary  +   1860d ago
He has a website. And apparently a girlfriend. And he loves all the comments you guys are saying about him having no life; he even records all the voice messages he gets on xbox live and puts them on youtube. Seems like a pretty cool guy.

Also, he was on
Xbox Gamer Spotlight on Xbox Live; so Microsoft is aware of him, which means he's legit.
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DaCajun  +   1860d ago
When he dies, do you know what they'll say at his funeral? Nothing because he will have been locked up in a room his whole pathetic life playing games not making real friends in the real world therefore no one to show up at his funeral.
Legosz  +   1860d ago
I believe this guy uses game saves to get his achievements. Game saves can be downloaded and transfered on a usb stick no modded 360 needed, it's really simple. If you check the dates of his gamerscore some don't match up, in NBA 2k10 he has a "get every achievement" achievement before he has the "Beat the game on hardest difficulty" achievement.
sak500  +   1860d ago
WHy the fk r you on this site then if you can't even appreciate a fellow gamer?

You sony trolls dissing a guy who has been playing games and has the highest score on XBox360, shows that you people are not gamers just lamers who dont even have any purpose on this site except troll 360 news. If it was from psn then you would praise him like you do to all sony management.

YOu guys need life..
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PS3istheshit  +   1860d ago
it is
He's gonna have a hard time meeting people and having a social life if he's cooped up in a little room playing 360 all the time
Snakefist30  +   1860d ago
LOL Its INSANE 150,000 Gamescore Even I Havnt Make Tat Long.
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evrfighter  +   1860d ago
Is it me or did I hear the kind that got owned by the XBLive robot leave this guy a message???
meluvulongtime  +   1860d ago
I'm guessing his best friend's name is Gamefly. I wonder if he has a real job? How many hours does he play on a given day/week/month?
zeeshan810  +   1861d ago
playstation_clan  +   1860d ago
im sure
if you asked this guy about his life, he would be like "whats a life?"
HSx9  +   1860d ago
He has 1 million girlfriends
Blacktric   1861d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Inside_out  +   1861d ago
No Way???
This has to be a scam. How could he play all those games??? If it is legit, that's impressive...I guess. Does he have a job?
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OpenGL  +   1861d ago
He's been #1 on Xbox Live for years, and I believe he gets all of his games for free.
AliTheBrit19  +   1861d ago | Intelligent

I see you comment first on like 70% of every N4G page I click on

So how on EARTH can you say any guy needs to get a life? at least he's playing games, which is a much better way to waste time than coming to this website.

Anyway who cares, if he's happy doing that, so be it, all life is pointless anyway, no meaning, no purpose, we are all just here trying to make the best of it until we die - if that guy has found a way to happily live his life, good on him.
illy-fo-really  +   1861d ago
^^^ thats some deep shit right there
Milamber  +   1860d ago

This has been making me all angsty lately, when people say others need to get a life, or be more productive members of society.

What is really productive and what is life? People who think they know all the answers are the ones who are truly deluded. Things aren't black and white.

"Get a life" must be the most asshole terms ever concieved. Everyone has a life, and people live it in different ways.
karan8624  +   1860d ago
I agree with ali and his replies to some extent

But is sitting in your house playing a virtual game really a good way to spend the only life you've got?
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1860d ago
rezzah  +   1860d ago
Everyone finds their own way to live throughout their own life, they dont live your life because they are not you. So dont expect people to spend their life the way you do, or the way you think others should do.
Keltik82  +   1860d ago
Just got Killzowned!
enkeixpress  +   1860d ago
Sweet Jesus... According to MyGamerCard.net, I've only played 176 X360 titles.. & I used to consider myself a "hardcore" 360 gamer, not anymore though. I'm moved onto the PS3. :)


This guy is amazing :O
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N4G_24-7_user   1860d ago | Spam
MegaPowa  +   1860d ago
Its possible to have a gamertag like this and a life the 360 has been out for 5 years i'm sure some of the editors at places like gamespot and ign have played the same amount of games and they have normal lives.
N4G_24-7_user   1860d ago | Spam
karan8624  +   1860d ago
You want me to fix your capslock key?
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1860d ago
HAHAh LOL, this guy is crazy
I bet he got alot of RRODs playing that much. lol

I wonder if he had other people help him or not.

I thought my 14k achievements and 1 platinum trophy were alot. tHIS GUY IS CRAZY.

If microsoft ever gives awards for achievements they will go broke giving this guy his prize.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1860d ago
did u guys see his site?
Well if not, look at this.

"Best Overall Games of 2010 (SO FAR)

1: Mass Effect 2

2: Battlefield Bad Company 2

3: Bioshock 2

4: Darksiders

5: Bayonetta

6: Army of Two: The 40th day

7: Sonic & Sega Racing

8: Dante's Inferno

9: Dark Void

10: Blood Bowl"

Dang...this kid really needs a ps3.
lagoonalight  +   1860d ago
Jeezez, NO SHIT.
Spydiggity  +   1860d ago
even with JUST a 360
that's a pretty lame list. to each their own, i guess. but darksiders? number 4? above bayonetta? really?

he didn't even mention alan wake or rdr
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jeseth  +   1860d ago
Haters everywhere
Who Cares? Who are we to judge.

Why not say . . . .

Congratulations! ???

People will use anything as a reason to stand on a soapbox!

I hope this guy gets to 1 million!!! Do what make you happy!
psycho360  +   1860d ago

Well said +bubbs. We are supposed to be gamers and can't even appreciate someone's achievements in this field. THe only haters i see here are fanboys of particular platform who have brought bad rep to all gamers.


MS has way of catching hackers who are using gamesaves exploits even at lower levels of the scoreboards but at his position i'm sure he's already been screened enough to determine his genuinity.
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Spydiggity  +   1860d ago
he hacked it.

i've seen tons of ppl with hacked scores in the hundred thousands. takes about 5 minutes to do it.

not saying he did...just that it's quite possible
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TROLL EATER  +   1860d ago
his a bot
IrieMars  +   1861d ago
That's an epic score
ElementX  +   1861d ago
Is that him in the article photo? What a hot stud! My 11,xxx gamer score pales in comparison :(
Brklynty1  +   1861d ago
2 simple words...
No Life....
BigRedBall  +   1861d ago
Why are there never PS trophy records posted?
Its much harder to level up.
Ace Killa 08  +   1861d ago
then even more reason to post the stories of trophies right?
Silly gameAr  +   1861d ago
Keep on truckin' brother.
kghapa  +   1861d ago
Looks like he unlocked
His achievement to leave the garage.
KillerPwned  +   1861d ago
Congrats to him if he really does reach 1 million i agree with anyone else MS should give him something special. What i wanna know tho is does he own all these games he played or did he borrow or rent some.
BubZ-SkullY  +   1861d ago
i think he probably rented most of em, i mean who would buy 600 games?? either true dedication or he has alot of money to waste...most people i know who are trophy whores usually (in this case achievements) rent games for like 2days and play them non stop till they acquire every trophy...but hey if he bought all of them good luck to him..
Darkfocus  +   1861d ago
if he bought all of them it'd cost $36000
highly doubt he did I mean how could you play through over 600 games and get almost all the achievements and still have time to work and he's got a girlfriend 8/
nilamo  +   1861d ago
it's amazing he's able to support a relationship and get such a high score. Girls and gaming just don't mix that well when you spend more than 4 hours a day on your console. Ofcourse if that is his actual girl on the picture.
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mushroomwig  +   1861d ago
Come on guys, is having a score like that really that impressive? I love collecting trophies/achievements as much as the next guy but I know my limits, I just have better things to do with my life.

It's like the people who rent games solely for "earning" easy platinums/achievements, it's really nothing to be proud of.

Sadly, in 5-10 years this user will look back and wish he didn't waste so much of his life on such a meaningless point system.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1861d ago
Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mushroomwig  +   1861d ago
Not really, it's more of a concern than anything, I love gaming but this is more of an obsession.

Considering how there isn't even any guarantee that achievements will roll over to the next generation of systems, I just think that when he finally moves on he's going to regret a lot of missed time.
electricshadow  +   1861d ago
Huh. Good for him....I think? I'm level 12 and have around 878 trophies and I'm a bit of a trophy whore but damn. That's a huge gamerscore.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1861d ago
Same here. I'm a level 12 with almost 1000 trophies. Only one is a platinum.

EvilDoomNerd on here has 14 platinums. Yeah...

There's not enough time in the day for me to get that many trophies.

I work, spend time with friends, spend even more time with my girlfriend, and play in a softball league. I love video games...but I'd rather have a one-on-one conversation with a human being any time.
morganfell  +   1861d ago
I am at 12 with over 1000. Platinum trophies include Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed II and Darksiders.
militant07  +   1860d ago
im with 37k gamerscore with 12 or something 100% completeion.

on ps3 im level 5

on the article: i doubt this guy have fun with his game, more like suck the achievements out of it then move on to next game.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1861d ago
Good job, man!

At least you've achieved something. Most of us never will. Lol.
BubZ-SkullY  +   1861d ago
3 possibilites
1. Nerd with alot of money and time
2. A fetish for games/achievemets
3. He has no life/friends that he needs games to make life less miserable...

Either great gamer score loool

edit: my bad reading further i realised he does have a life, as i clicked on the link to his blog and noticed he had a twitter, and thats the picture of him and a girl (maybe his gf).

My only question now is...how does he do it?
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mushroomwig  +   1861d ago
Perhaps he shares an account with other people? I've seen that happening a lot on the PSN lately.
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the_union_of_PS360  +   1861d ago
this guy is what they call 1337 lol

but don't judge him, gaming is his hobby and he just happens to be good at it. you guys are jealous
Neoicelord  +   1860d ago
i instantly hate people that type "1337" ...i guess i now must hate myself...
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Tzuno  +   1861d ago
From 600 games i think only 150 worth playing the others are just ugly games that this player has played for gamerscore.
Deios  +   1861d ago
The guy needs to step out a bit more and enjoy the world. It seems like the only time he steps out is to buy or rent a game. LoL!
-MD-  +   1861d ago
I have like... 52,000 and I played a TON of xbox.
washingmachine  +   1861d ago
bet he had his friends play at his house to get it up and with rented games etc
IRetrouk  +   1861d ago
i got 72000 and thats taken me like 3 years.
IRetrouk  +   1860d ago
how can anyone dissagree with my gamerscore, go check it out haters IR3TR0
AliTheBrit19  +   1861d ago
I have, hell can't remember it now, just over 17,000 I think

Which I'm happy with, I'll easily pass 20,000 this year.
Silentmerc3nary  +   1860d ago
I guess people don't believe you. lol
NoobJobz  +   1861d ago
there are some iffy things on his profile. To get that gamerscore, you would have to play all day everyday. which is very possible if that is all you do. but then how could he maintain a relationship (if that is his girlfriend) and how do you get the money to pay for all of those games. because you couldnt be working and still have that much time to play games. there is some sort of funds coming in from somewhere, whether his "girlfriend" is rich or his parents are. he said somewhere on his profile that he has a job, but that is hard to believe. if he does have a job, then i believe he gamesaves or uses a profile editor. i have checked his xbox.com profile and there are achievements out of order. but it doesnt really bother me overall. I have had my xbox since launch and I have 160,000 and at one point I played almost all day. Ive died down since then but its really hard to believe.
Gawdl3y  +   1860d ago
To answer the money problem... There's a service called GameFly, which is basically the same as Netflix but for games.
GuruStarr78  +   1861d ago
wow.......it's kinda sad in a way.
I'd have to quit my job at the fire dept. and play full time.....
lscott45  +   1861d ago
see, I would be content just being able to get the most rudimentary achievements . . . props to this guy.
derkasan  +   1860d ago
A new challenger!
I'd like to see him go for Trophies next
john master lee  +   1860d ago
Got several things to say about this:

1. Just because this guy makes a remarkable achievement by getting such a high achievement score, he's now a loser? Would you say the same thing about the guy who practices all day to play a musical instrument? Or someone who watches sports every day on ESPN? Because I know people like that, and no one seems to think they are losers.

2. It's entirely possible that he has that gamerscore. He could have had help. A buddy could be playing on his system to earn points. He could have rented his games via Gamefly, so it's not necessarily draining his bank account.

3. If the dude is cheating, after all this exposure, I'm sure Microsoft is now checking his account to see if there is some fraud going on... And as I found out recently from a friend, if you do cheat, even a little, Microsoft will ban your account and you would get it back!
takohma  +   1860d ago
I don't believe he works o have a gf. If he really did achieve all of those points. But how do you know which ones are hard? With PSN all you have to do is ask how many plats you got? Not many even have more than one but tons and tons of bronze silver and gold. Eh if he did earn those congrats. Now go get some girls to make up for all the time you could've been.
X ziyad X   1860d ago | Spam
TheBreezyBB  +   1860d ago
Does he know what LIFE means?
Koromaro  +   1860d ago
Do you?
Silentmerc3nary  +   1860d ago
Exactly. Tired of reading all these comments about no life. He likes gaming. A lot. so what? It's his life; he can do what he want with it.
Rucury  +   1860d ago

"Get a life"... Most asshole insult ever.
Spenok  +   1860d ago
I like that question. This thread turend philisophical REAL quick. But im not going to get into it. I thought the highest trophy count was ridiculous....this is just nuts.
Drazz  +   1860d ago
Someone is just begging for Carpal tunnel.
bjornbear  +   1860d ago
this is taking it too far.

this isn't just about him being good, its about him dedicating unhuman hours to a "hobby"

being good =/= achieving a lot and vice versa

isn't even a hobby anymore looks to be more like an obsession
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