Augmented Reality is Next Big Thing in Gaming

PSP World writes:

"Portable game systems are expected to play a significant role in augmented reality gaming over the next few years. Sony's PSP can accept a camera and other peripherals to give it augmented reality capabilities. The recent title Invizimals is a fantastic example of how the virtual and real can be combined to create new opportunities for gameplay."

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clinker2795d ago

I suspect that Invizimals could be massive this Christmas season. It already sold about 500,000 copies in Europe, which is impressive for a PSP title.

sikbeta2795d ago

This is Just the Beginning, Eye of Judgment was kind of the Pioneer, Eyepet Started, Invizimals Follow, next thing I'll love to see is Ape Escape, also Augmented Tech + 3D will Work Great...

Godmars2902795d ago

The PSeye could do such things when it was first released. Eye of Judgment says as much.

Its just that Sony's been dragging their heels.