LittleBigPlanet 2 - New PlayStation Move integration levels videos

The new (off - screen) video from E3 2010 of LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 shows PlayStation Move Integration

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ShinMaster2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

That's pretty cool. 4th vid looks the best.

BeOneWithTheGun2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Had the game over a year and I still play it all the time. Top of the food chain when it comes to game play, online integration and graphics that is suitable for all ages.

Prcko2669d ago

epic game for epic console

playstation_clan2669d ago

really, all they have is their halo, well for the people that bring me down to 1 bubble, i feel no sympathy for.

playstation 4 life

Starlight2669d ago

The only limitation of this game is your imagination.

drdistracto7072669d ago

aint that a kick in the balls :(

the_union_of_PS3602669d ago

i like the move even at GDC i said this is something for both casual and core gamers. sorcery looks really good i put that game as the most surprising game at E3 ( my opinion )

ElitaStorm2669d ago

yes Half-life 3 is alive, valve wanna fans have respect for the game and miss it that is why they don't show it, they have a big plan. what can it be?

OmarJA-N4G2669d ago

PS3 exclusive with Steam support.

ElitaStorm2669d ago

if you look at the interview Gabe Newell say that they will be bigger then blizzard(WOW), that is why they dont wanna lose fans, look at portal 2, first they say no to portal 2 on ps3 then ps3 fans :(

OmarJA-N4G2669d ago

I was being sarcastic, you're completely off topic.

gamelova2669d ago

I'm just curious. What does Half Life 3 have to do with this article.

ElitaStorm2669d ago

Half Life have everything to do with games, i grow with it

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The story is too old to be commented.