ZoKnowsGaming: Alpha Protocol Review: What An Action RPG Should Be

ZoKnowsGaming writes "Alpha Protocol has proven that this new genre of the action RPG is not only viable but when done properly it can thrive and it makes me excited to see what other developers are going to do going forward in this space."

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ElementX2919d ago

Do I trust an 8/10 review from a site I've never heard of or all those 4/10 reviews from the mainstream?

killyourfm2919d ago

As someone who reviewed that game, I gave it a 60 and was feeling generous. Pretty fishy review above...

thatruth20062919d ago

There is nothing fishy about it. The game has its issues which I mentioned but as I said in the review it isn't Uncharted or Metal Gear. The graphics leave something to be desired, the crazy difficulty increase near the end of the game, and inconsistent A.I. are all downsides. But the guys at Obsidian put together one heck of story that has a plot that is thicker than a lot of films I have watched recently. The characters are all well developed, more if you actually read the intel you collect on them and use it. The shear amount of customization that you can do from a weapons and character standpoint will definitely satisfy RPG fans as well. I don't read reviews of games I review until after I review them because I don't want to bias myself, but after reading some of the reviews and talking to a few of my industry colleagues there does seem to be a difference depending on what console you play on. I noticed that a lot of the reviews I have read were done on Xbox and mine is based on the PS3 version, while I'm sure both versions share the same issues they do seem to be much more severe on the Xbox, that's not a jab at the 360 just an observation.

MrGunny942919d ago

Are you Kidding with me?

Brixxer6002919d ago

I'm playing it just now and don't think it's a bad game at all , it's very enjoyable. There are problems , dodgy AI , poor animations , slightly iffy collision detection (At Times) but it doesn't make the game unplayable. At first i thought i'd made a mistake in buying it but with a perseverance the game really started to grow on me.

Red-Dead-Roar2919d ago

i just shot a guy in the face 7 times with a shotgun before he killed me.. gonna give it another shot later on i guess.. a patch would be nice.

2914d ago