New Killzone 3 art

Check out some new art of Killzone 3.

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FlyWestbrook2946d ago

Killzone 3 is going to blow minds.

presto7172946d ago

I wish that in the campaign you played as them instead of freaking ISA

Karl Marx2946d ago

I wish they would too. I hate the ISA. HG 4 l!f3

raztad2946d ago

I think most avid KZ fans want to play as helghasts,

There always be a KZ4.

Imperator2946d ago

IMO, the helghast are the victims, not the enemy.

DecoyOctopus2946d ago

yes to me the helghast are also the victims if you read the full storyline about the killzone universe on which is one of the best scifi story's ever! you kinda feel sorry for the helghasts

Rumor2946d ago

do i spy a arm sword on the hig in the middle(hig sounds sooo racist)

Chubear2946d ago

I look at that last pic and all I could think was - PLEASE BRING US A KILLZONE ACTION RPG!!!!! lol

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Snakefist302946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Tat guy with the smile on his face is scary it gaves me the chills.He Look One of those Scary Nazi Generals.And the photo reminds me of inglourious basterds.

zeeshan2946d ago

One word... AMAZING!!!

NotoriousWarrior2946d ago

EPIC. I think they are really working on story and variety this time and if those concept art makes it through to the final game we are in for an epic game.

spektical2946d ago

is it just me or is the place holder image look kinda creepy?

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The story is too old to be commented.