The issues of the JRPG sequel

Gaming Gauge writes: "Traditionally JRPG series have followed a nonlinear sequel strategy introducing new worlds, new characters and new plots with each installment. This kept the franchises fresh but took a lot of time and money and meant that the worlds that the developers spend so long developing are abandoned and could often be left undeveloped. In recent years though developers have made the choice to return to familiar worlds and have had varying levels of success."

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Agent Smith2943d ago

Lol, this is actually a really good point. Sometimes you'll see some super powerful person in the sequel who probably could've saved the world himself in the first game.

SpoonyRedMage2943d ago

Yer, that always confuses me and it makes the plot seem almost fanfic-ish where the writer has inserted his own character who's just as powerful as the rest.

JRPG sequels remind me of the Highlander sequels a lot....