Most anticipated games from E3 2010

Cnet: E3 is finished, wacky motion controllers and all, but the summer is just starting. In a few months, the holiday season will begin--and with it, companies will release an avalanche of games. While E3 presents a heck of a lot of glitz, promises, and hype, a handful of games always manage to emerge that excite us and give us hope for the gaming year ahead.

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piroh2918d ago

that is two votes for Killzone 3

Lionhead2918d ago

Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Journey, Gears of War 3, Portal 2, and inFamous 2 for me

Great games are coming =D

gamelova2918d ago

Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Portal 2, Gran Turismo 5, Skyward Sword. I'm a happy gamer :)

-Mezzo-2918d ago

Killzone 3 hands down the best game of E3 2010.

Panthers2918d ago

KZ3 is up there. I am also syked for Dues Ex, TM, and so many damn others I dont know how I am going to make time.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

If I have to mention just 1, that is Gran Turismo 5. After that is KZ3 for sure as a Core Gamer.

Deios2918d ago

Mortal Kombat for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.