Assassin’s Creed mystery project unveiled, Spoiler Alert: it’s an artbook!

And it’s pretty G. D. stonking! True to their word, the mystery Assassin’s Creed artwork that popped up a few weeks ago is not video game related material. New concept art for a film perhaps, then? Hell to the N-O! The artwork, it seems, is to be featured in an upcoming Assassin’s Creed art book.

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sandtug0082919d ago

Not bad were will it be based

gaminoz2917d ago

Yeah was kind of hoping for a clue to AC3. But they wouldn't start promoting that one until Brotherhood is done.

gaminoz2917d ago

Art book...sound interesting. To be included into next AC3 Limited Edition, or sold separately?

I'd like to see an art book not just with different assassins but different time and places it could be set in...landscapes as well in other words.