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Steam 'Perils of Summer' sale: June 26th 1-day deals

Ex: Thus far, Steam has tempted gamers with ridiculous discounts like Resident Evil 5 for $12.50, Trine for $4.00, and BioShock 2 for only $14.99. These deals only last for 24 hours, so if you missed them they're gone!

Fortunately, you've got 24 hours to unload your Paypal account on perhaps the most amazing prices thus far. Here is Day 3 of these 1-day only specials. (Company of Heroes, Half-Life, PC, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed , Steam Valve, Supreme Commander 2, Valve Software, Zeno Clash)

Update Added Left 4 Dead 2

Letros  +   1645d ago
Wasn't going to bother playing Sup Com 2 as I hear it was 360'ized, but at $7.50...what the hell, why not?
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Bolts  +   1644d ago
I actually got SupCom 2 on a previous sale at $5.50 :P
BYE  +   1645d ago
Just got Left 4 Dead 2 for €10. What a ridiculous steal.
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Dark_Vendetta  +   1645d ago
That's an insane deal. Although I have way too many games to play, I can't miss this one
PhilipLarkin  +   1645d ago
Not anything to catch my eye yet =/
TABSF  +   1645d ago
Do you know that 90% of Steam games are on SALE till the 4th of July

8 different tittle are on SALE each day for just 24 Hrs

I'm getting Cryostasis for £2.49 but is not been listed on the 8 deals of day yet

I'm quite confused that you have not seen anything that would catch your eye

BTW I have not disagreed with you :)
BattleAxe  +   1645d ago
I was going to buy GTA4 and Episodes from Liberty City for $14.99 each, but it looks like there are some big technicle problems especially with GTA4.
Queasy  +   1645d ago
Guess I'll have to hope for some ridiculous deals before the holidays. My PC is busted as far as playing games goes.
killyourfm  +   1645d ago
OnLive would be a good option for you, if it weren't ridiculously expensive.
Charmers  +   1645d ago
Just a thought but why not buy the games now whilst they are on sale then later on download them to your PC when it is fixed ?
MajestieBeast  +   1645d ago
All the games you buy will be on your steam account so just buy em and play em later when you get your pc fixed or a new 1.
venusg  +   1645d ago
Still nothing I want to bite.
INehalemEXI  +   1645d ago
They had mass effect 2 for $24.99 for a day , I missed it though.
Allowen  +   1645d ago
I am waiting to see Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction at 50% to 60% cheaper.
jdktech2010  +   1645d ago
Best strategy with these things are just look at the daily deals and then on the last day, go shopping for what you want that didn't hit daily deals. I've done it before where I bought something and then it went on daily deal the next day....gotta learn to play the Valve game
Cajun Chicken  +   1645d ago
Joy! I just got L4D2 (which I was watching these deals for), Zeno Clash (Which I was considering of getting for XBLA anyway) and Audiosurf for £11.11 all together!
killyourfm  +   1645d ago
For the price, Zeno Clash Ultimate on XBLA is really something spectacular.
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Wolf873  +   1645d ago
Finally got myself Half Life 2,
have heard so much about how great this game is. By the way, do I need to have played 1 in order to get this game? I know some games require you get the 1st one to get the sequel, is it the same case with this? O and are episode 1 and 2 worth it?
STONEY4  +   1645d ago
Pretty much all you miss from not playing Half-life 1 is how the aliens invaded earth, why the Vortigaunts (the friendly aliens with one eye) all hail Gordon Freeman (you), and why the G-man (creepy guy with the suitcase at the very very beginning) is there. You're really not missing anything important story-wise

And if you can, get Episode 1 and 2, Episode 1 is alright, Episode 2 though is really good and has the best gameplay moments out of the three, and of course you'll want to continue the story since it's really good, and they two episode add alot to the story. If you're interested in Portal and Team Fortress 2, wait a bit to see if they'll put the Orange Box on the Daily Deals for about $10 (since that's how much you would be paying for both episodes anyways), if not, then just buy Episode 1 and 2.
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Cajun Chicken  +   1645d ago
I don't think you NEED to play Halflife 1 in order to understand Halflife 2. It helps for a bit of backstory, but nothing major is in Halflife 1 in order for you to play HL2, the episodes on the other hand are fairly integral to the story as a continuation.

Also, if you want to play HL1, you may find it a little out of date in the graphics department now, it's a great game though. I'd advise you to look into the mod Black Mesa in the near future when it's finally released which is a fan remake of HL1 on HL2's Source engine.
Wolf873  +   1645d ago
Thanks both of you :),
I think I'll wait for a deal that gives me both episodes for a solid price. I also looked up Black Mesa. I take it that having owned Half Life 2, now I would be able to play Half Life 1 for free with that mod. At least that's what I get from that website.

Again thanks.
Prcko  +   1645d ago
hmm,why they don't have some ps3 games -,-
Letros  +   1645d ago
They only sell games that support 1080p+ resolution, sorry.
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killyourfm  +   1645d ago
Lol @ Letros
Ravenor  +   1645d ago
You mean 720P+? Not to many retail boxed PS3 games run at a native 1080P. (All the time, none of this shifting Res stuff *cough* wipeout *cough*)
Bolts  +   1644d ago
Umm, hence thats why they only sell games that support 1080p+ res....
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