Steam 'Perils of Summer' sale: June 26th 1-day deals

Ex: Thus far, Steam has tempted gamers with ridiculous discounts like Resident Evil 5 for $12.50, Trine for $4.00, and BioShock 2 for only $14.99. These deals only last for 24 hours, so if you missed them they're gone!

Fortunately, you've got 24 hours to unload your Paypal account on perhaps the most amazing prices thus far. Here is Day 3 of these 1-day only specials.


Added Left 4 Dead 2

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Letros2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Wasn't going to bother playing Sup Com 2 as I hear it was 360'ized, but at $7.50...what the hell, why not?

Bolts2669d ago

I actually got SupCom 2 on a previous sale at $5.50 :P

BYE2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Just got Left 4 Dead 2 for €10. What a ridiculous steal.

Dark_Vendetta2670d ago

That's an insane deal. Although I have way too many games to play, I can't miss this one

PhilipLarkin2670d ago

Not anything to catch my eye yet =/

TABSF2670d ago

Do you know that 90% of Steam games are on SALE till the 4th of July

8 different tittle are on SALE each day for just 24 Hrs

I'm getting Cryostasis for £2.49 but is not been listed on the 8 deals of day yet

I'm quite confused that you have not seen anything that would catch your eye

BTW I have not disagreed with you :)

BattleAxe2670d ago

I was going to buy GTA4 and Episodes from Liberty City for $14.99 each, but it looks like there are some big technicle problems especially with GTA4.

Queasy2670d ago

Guess I'll have to hope for some ridiculous deals before the holidays. My PC is busted as far as playing games goes.

killyourfm2670d ago

OnLive would be a good option for you, if it weren't ridiculously expensive.

Charmers2670d ago

Just a thought but why not buy the games now whilst they are on sale then later on download them to your PC when it is fixed ?

MajestieBeast2670d ago

All the games you buy will be on your steam account so just buy em and play em later when you get your pc fixed or a new 1.

MxShade2670d ago

Still nothing I want to bite.

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The story is too old to be commented.