How Science Can Improve Video Games

Kombo: There are a few buzzwords in the games industry at the moment, but one of the more interesting ones to come out of GDC was "User Experience" or UX. I have links to the UX sector myself, and consider this area of ensuring game quality as hugely important. I believe that, like the recent dramatic improvement in the localization work on games over the last 5 years, QA also needs a shot in the arm – perhaps administered by the cutting edge of UX research.

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jmmurillo862768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

It is just what science (and engineering) has been doing since gaming exists (among many other things, of course). Micro-processors, memory, renderers, digital data storage, encoders, networking, Artificial Intelligence, virtual physics, software engineering, interface engineering, compiler optimization, multithreading, debug management... endless.

cobraagent2768d ago

gaming would never have existed in the first place

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