IGN: How ESPN Works On Xbox Live

IGN shows how the ESPN feature will work. Features include the ability to declare team alliegence during a game, answer trivia questions, and check clips from other games from inside another. (Kinect is compatible with ESPN, but for demo purposes, the Xbox 360 controller was used.)

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mrv3212946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

FIFA soccer? FIFA stands for 'International Federation of Association Football' so FIFA soccer must stand for International Federation of Association Football Soccer? Makes sense? No, not really. I know I know American Football is called that because the ball is a foot long etc etc. But Football = Goals, people kicking balls. American Football = Rugby but slower.

Seriously, football is far more international than American football and it is almost universally known as FOOTBALL, while everywhere else American football is known as AMERICAN FOOTBALL.

It's like standard base units, LITRALLY EVERYWHERE(give or take 4-5 countries) use this system, the united states don't, I haven't researched this but please tell me why?

JonahFalcon2946d ago

The Super Bowl had the most viewers around the globe for any TV program in history.

mrv3212946d ago

'The Super Bowl was created as part of the merger agreement between the National Football League (NFL) and its competitive rival, the American Football League (AFL).'

That would agree with what I just said.

Isn't super bowl the final? I'd imagine the Football World cup is more popular.

DelbertGrady2946d ago

World Cup final > all else.

STREET x KING2946d ago

that's only in the U.S. tv history though, i would like to know how many people watch the world cup final considering the whole world is watching.

JonahFalcon2946d ago

Actually, you're wrong. Those figures include the UK, Asia, Europe (especially Germany).

STREET x KING2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

hmm i just went to multiple sites and they all mention the super bowl sets record in US nothing about world record..
link please??

MasFlowKiller2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I love how IGN has not mention to this day that in order for ESPN to work on your 360 you need to be with a Internet subscriber that allows you to watch videos on

ESPN on the 360 basically is an app for on your 360.
This is not ESPN & Microsoft building a new video on-demand service on live or, building a new live streaming service on you 360, its just an app that allows you to watch videos on the 360.

Thank god it didnt increase the price of live, if it did i would have quit live.

Is there going to be a IGN: How ESPN Works On Xbox Live 2, cause not telling people that huge restriction feels a little bit like IGN is deceiving me.

Well i guess is not IGN jobs to info, but to hype.
I cant wait to see all those Time Warner customers
download ESPN on the 360 just to read that
Time Warner doesn't have access to

am not trying to take anything away from this becuase in the end of the day i would rather watch sports on my TV instead of my PC screen.
But somehow i feel IGN should disclose that type of important information if their "IGN: How ESPN Works On Xbox Live" videos.

Imperator2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The Super Bowl could only dream of being as the big as the World Cup. Football is watched and played by billions, American football is only popular in the U.S.

The 2010 world Cup is being watched by approximately 2 BILLION viewers. That's 1/3 of the world population.

The Superbowl XLIV was watched by 150 million, approximatley 2/60 of the world population.

Chaos692946d ago

The app isn't even out yet and you're already hating?
Dude, stop whining, it'll be free and you don't have to use it.

despair2946d ago

whats a Super Bowl? Trust me 99% of non americans could care less about Super Bowl or the like. But Football(Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world and the World Cup the most watched sporting event in the world

This is for the 2006 World cup, its alot.

MasFlowKiller2946d ago

I never said i wasnt going to used it
but i think some information should be disclose,
becuase if people go in thinking everyone has access to it
then they have another thing coming

Read the tittle of the video "IGN: How ESPN Works On Xbox Live"
HOW IT WORKS ON XBOX LIVE, I think disclosing that not all 360 will have access to this is something that should go in a video call "How ESPN Works On Xbox Live" dont you think?

squelchy152946d ago

Actually no. The world cup is the most watched sporting event in the world.

II Necroplasm II2946d ago

The NFL has international teams. /s

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spektical2946d ago

in USA football is the man sport. Soccer *fubol* is a weak-mans, there way too many floppers in soccer. its like every player is trying to win the Oscars for best Male Actor. Dont get me started on crybaby ronaldo, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT rooney, THAT WAS IN WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT messi, and he kicked me Torres.

Nihilism2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

@spektical and what would you call a bunch of American footballers that wear head to toe body armour when every other football code in the world does it without any pads?

I'd call them pussies.

turok2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

...are for the weak and pitiful. Rugby makes american football look like its for girls (due to the retarded armor).

and how dare ye insult football. Cristiano Ronaldo may be voted most wanted for gay men but with his physique he can kick ur arse.

TotalPS3Fanboy2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Everyone knows Football and Soccer are weak sports. Football and soccer are fake. The real sport is wrestling: WWE Wrestling. That's the real stuff.

I mean, just look at this:

That kick is so powerful, it didn't even have to make contact with the opponent.

IdleLeeSiuLung2946d ago

I used to live in Europe for long time, but soccer (or football as Europeans call it) was just a too slow game for me, with the ping ponging of the ball back and forth. A good match will have 6 goals total!

That's my personal opinion of course... but to each their own. Clearly soccer is huge and have a huge following.

II Necroplasm II2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

dchalfont, American football has enough injuries and concussions as it is. There would be no survival in the NFL without helmets and pads..with all the emotion and intensity

The game of American football is about strategy, not just big hits.

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dangert122946d ago

because of the lack of netflix and espn support in the uk,xbox live pricing should go down in the said areas its not right we pay for over peoples services and get nothing out of it

Chaos692946d ago

I totally agree. We pay more for phucking less and it pisses me off!

Biggest2946d ago

Yet you continue to pay. You must enjoy your outrage being ignored. The only voice you have is the money you spend.

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ActionBastard2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Your ISP has to be an affiliate. Balls.

KILLERAPP2946d ago

This is awesome, is also good that if you already have life you don’t have to pay anything, can’t wait to start watching….

panasonic232946d ago

damn i hope get to watch some MMA baby

JonahFalcon2946d ago

You may. If it's on ESPN... I think they mentioned MMA, too.

KILLERAPP2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Now if they do show MMA that would be huge, man I love MMA is my favorite sport, now that would be killer… Talking about MMA, Fedor fights latter tonight is going to be awesome…

invoked2946d ago

seriously now? i'm an avid sports fan and watching anything in HD requires 40-$50/month just to watch ESPN in HD. I might just be tempted to pick up a 360 if Sony doesn't get in on this deal in the coming 6 months. I love my ps3 but i'm just saying, $4-5 dollars a month for this service? i might just have to hop over to the green side or else i'm going to be green with envy.

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