PS1 Games you Never Played, but Should - Part 2

PSBeyond writes: As said in part 1 of the ‘’PS1 Games you Never Played, but Should’’, the original PlayStation offered a plethora of misc gems hidden behind some of the more successful games, but all of them were equally as valid and fun...

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ProjectVulcan2854d ago

Never too late to play........Gpolice. Which you can do on your Ps3 off PSN :-)

EeJLP-2854d ago

I played Nightmare Creatures.. or at least Nightmare Creatures 2, not sure which one, if not both.

Ocelot5252854d ago

I played the first one. The game had a nice atmosphere

jmmurillo862854d ago

I actually own Jersey Devil! Good old days...

DJexs2854d ago

Didn't see part one but a seriously underrated game is legend of the dragoon. None of my friends ever played it which is sad because it is awesome.

VegaShinra2854d ago

Dragoon is awesome. It's a series they need to bring back on PSP or PS3.

CryofSilence2854d ago

I played through Legend of Dragoon several times. A sequel is practically confirmed... Let's hope for TGS unveiling or something.

CryofSilence2854d ago

I played Jersey Devil. That game was awesome. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.