The best games sale in the history of the universe - what to get in the Steam Summer Sale

GGTL - "The Steam Summer Sale is just stupid. It's ridiculous. Hundreds upon hundreds of PC games slashed in price; whole publisher packs reduced to a feeble two-figure sum; up to 95% off video games far and wide. If Valve ever file for bankruptcy, I think we'll all know why. Still, forget about economics; you got some games to buy. But with so many to choose, how can you find the best deals? Gamer's Guide to Life have scavenged the sandy Sahara of sales, searching for stunning prices on the greatest games around. Here are just a few to pick up on the cheap."

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Yahblad2827d ago

Amazing sale - Amazing article.

narked2827d ago

i'm so gonna be broke... already got splinter cell conviction... let's see what else they have

Conloles2826d ago

Eh I thought the Xmas one was better, the only real good ones are in the packs and I already own 3/4 of the games in there. Most of the games I've seen being really cheap havent been standout games imo.

DJexs2827d ago

Resident evil 5 is only like 12 bucks aswell that is awesome there is also a splinter cell pack with everything but pandora tomorrow

AKS2827d ago

I bought RE5 but I'll wait on Splinter Cell. Eventually it will probably be $10 to $15.

Abriael2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

he forgot one of the best sandbox RPGs of all times, Mount & Blade: Warband. with the sale it's only 15 dollars and if you didn't get it yet, you seriously owe it to yourself. It's one of the most unique games around.

Here's my review if anyone is curious:

Just be careful not to purchase the original Mount & Blade (which is much older), Warband is the stand alone expansion and includes everything the original had plus several improvements. It's easy to get confused between the two because quite weirdly they have the same price :D

And yes, I know this comment sounds a tad overly enthuasiastic, but it's really an unique experience that no other game provides at the moment (or ever provided). It's unfortunate that being published by a small indie developer, it's little known. It's a true hidden gem.

JsonHenry2827d ago

Since is started I have bought two gift passes for Call of Pripyat, 2x Clive Barker's Jericho, 2x Mirrors Edge, Cryostasis, Penumbra Black Plague/Requiem, Lead and Gold, Gift pass for CS:S, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, and Star Wars: the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition. All for under $60!!

(if I put 2X that means I bought it twice, once for myself and once for a friend)

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killyourfm2827d ago

Well researched, nice work!

Valay2827d ago

A lot of great titles to purchase.

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