GamerPops: Why Kinect Can't (and Won't) be $150

There are lots of rumors and speculation around Kinect's price point. Gamerpops Managing Editor Jeff Peeters examines why he doesn't think it'll be the $150 that seems to be the most mentioned.

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Igniter2822d ago

MS has been saying that they want Kinect to be an impulse buy. But that doesn't mean that they will give it away at a low price.

The Live Vision cam was an impulse buy for some at $79 for the deluxe pack due to a one year XBL card ($50), a mic ($20), 250 MS points ($2.50). So the camera came out to be about $8.

So maybe Kinect will come with an XBL card, some MS points, Maybe 1 or more months Netflix membership. Maybe a membership to the rumored Hulu paid service. Service are easier to pack in than physical items. And the negotiations for services is probably why MS hasn't released the price. They haven't finished putting the bundle together.