7 Killing games going to be released this july

As the month of June is going to end Gamesnol has made a list of games that are going to be released in the month of July and mentioned there features.

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mrv3212855d ago

I played the Crackdown 2 demo and didn't like it too much, the shooting felt like an MMO that is not reactive enough, it felt like right clicking and enemies.

eggbert2855d ago

Starcraft 2 is just gonna eclipse everything for me over the summer.

indiabest2855d ago

crack down 2 is the real game that i am waiting for

indiabest2855d ago

rest of the games are not good

HarryM2855d ago

Crack Down 2 (in my opinion) is a huge disappointment for me *Braces himself for Disagrees*

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