The Gaming Identity Crisis: Casual Vs. Hardcore

Tym Kaywork from Platform Nation writes: "In the gaming culture, there are two camps of gamers that make up the bulk of the purchasing power: Hardcore gamers, and Casual gamers."

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zootang2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

What about the Hardcore Casuals

You know, the ones who play one sports game every night but know of no other game.

dizzleK2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

their shelves containing nothing but madden, cod, halo and gta. they only purchase or show an interest in the most super hyped titles, playing something that doesn't have online multiplayer is like kryptonite to them. as far as they're concerned the gamestop shelves may as well be bare, all they want to know about is cod.

i've worked at gamestop, people like that are the bulk of the customers. it's only the casuals and true gamers who ever expressed an interest in something besides the super hyped stuff. the rest only come out for the same 3 games each year.

no surprise games are going casual, like the article says, casuals spend money. the people here who consider themselves hardcore, find every excuse not to support games. "it's only 15 hours, it's too short. no online, no buy. no relay value. i'll just rent it. i'll just torrent it." and so forth. a casual will think nothing of dropping money on every peggle, bejeweled, hidden item game that comes out. they don't worry about replay value or online play. they want it so they buy it. to me it seems like they're a bit more "hardcore" than the hardcores...

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Montrealien2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The only people that have a gaming Identity crisis are the ones with low self esteem. Gaming is fine, and will grow even more as it grows with every kind of gamers. Just embrace it, it is not bad.

Duck Hunt, Tetris, Donky Kong, Pac Man, and many other games that started it all where all Casual games by todays standards. People need to get over this stupid crap.

N4G_24-7_user2918d ago

good question, i dont know the answer but what i do know is hardcore 360 gamers well game on the pcs now that ms are focused on causal these ms fanboys will probz game on GFWL to give there un dying support

Immortal3212917d ago

Casual gamers do not fully beat their games, while the hardcore search for 100%.

ActionBastard2918d ago

A gamers is a gamer. Enough with all this separatist bullshit. I've talked shit and will continue to do so, but after playing Alan Wake, I see the errors of my ways. Good games, casual or hardcore, are still good games. And they are why we play.

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tiamat52918d ago

These days casual seems to mean either stupid enough to buy any shovelware or crap developers hand you or easy and watered down enough for anyone to play. Nintendo and Sega of the past used to have games that still provided a decent enough challenge so not to be simply labelled casual. But the modern hold my hand, don't scare everyone away,'family friendly',point arrows in all directions so you won't get lost games seem to suggest everyone is stupid. That a normal person can't figure out that you have to aim for the monter's eye or walk down a hallway or use a tool. Mario's biggest challenge is finding the stupid purple coins or stars that you missed the first time around. Mario 3 was challenging without having you to search every little space to find every last coin or star. So the way I see it there was no casual or hardcore really. Nintendo drew that line themselves when they started to make these types of games. Sony still holds the torch by providing games that appeal equally to gamers e.g.Sly Cooper.

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