Sony: “We Always Wanted to Get Into Motion”

Joel Taveras, Deputy Editor of DualShockers writes, "During the wild week that was E3 2010, one of our biggest interviews didn’t actually take place on the show floor. Instead it was a couple of blocks away at the ultra swanky JW Marriot, and the interview was with Sony’s director of hardware marketing, Mr. John Koller. We asked John about the newly revitalized relationships with 3rd party publishers and Playstation Move’s influence with that. We also asked whether Move was created based on all of the motion-gaming competition or it was something that Sony wanted to do all along. We talk about Marcus Rivers and the new PSP campaign and John explains what the new push is all about. All in all, it’s a great interview and provides much insight following the Sony press conference and Playstation as a brand moving forward..."

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Hitman07692767d ago

John Koller is definitely an interesting person with a lot of perspective to add on how SONY makes their decisions and what direction they are headed in right now.

MRHARDON2767d ago

"Sony: "We Always wanted to get into motion gaming since we saw a way to copy the Wii"

Karum2767d ago

I prefer "We always wanted to get into motion gaming since we released the Eyetoy"

Elimin82767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

You can't play the game without MOVING your thumbs/fingers on the controller! Uh, HELLO? Motion?

For those who can' tell I kid.. It's still technically motion but I kid.

My 2cents.....

HolyOrangeCows2767d ago

Another troll who needs to read this:

Sony not only worked on the Move technology for at least 6 years before the Wii, but they also tested and passed on Kinect's limited technology.

ElitaStorm2767d ago

i disagree wii copy sony there is proof

insomnium2767d ago

You are talking about MS right there. No amount of BS will make the eyetoy dissapear. The tech in Move goes beyond Wiimote (atleast a wiimote without motionplus) and the hardware (PS3) is able to push much better looking games than the Wii.

Additionally Move is not THE ONLY thing the PS3 has unlike the Wii. We PS3 owners get to have the best of two worlds. I couldn't be more exited. Dead Space Extraction here I come baby!!!

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renegade2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Sony always have in mind motion gaming since ps2 so they ain't copying nintendo wii.

tplarkin72767d ago

How would you like to sell Wiimote 1.5?

raztad2767d ago

1.5 > 1. Pretty sure of that. It shouldnt be that hard to sell it if the market still has some interest in the inferior version.

playstation_clan2767d ago

since motion control is the future

Lightsaber2767d ago

Sony wanted to do motion so bad that the tact on the sixaxis to the ps3 at the last mins when they couldnt do rumble. Then dropped the sixaxis as soon as they got the law suit worked out.

Sony already did motion control and failed at it. Now they are goin to fail a 2nd time

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JoelT2767d ago

Isn't basing it on competition. But then again out of the Big 3 they are the ONLY ones that will provide hardcore experiences for all of the core players out there!

I'm sure Nintendo fanboys will be upset by that but it's really the truth.

ElementX2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I have to disagree. What makes a game hardcore? Shooting? Killing stuff? Blood? Define hardcore. I think a hardcore game could be something like Metroid Prime, Halo, or even LittleBigPlanet. All 3 consoles have something for the hardcore audience. BTW, I'd be hard pressed to find a "hardcore" player who doesn't enjoy a good Mario game once in a while.

*edit* @hitman
That was a moot point. I'm just saying hardcore gamers don't always have to play hardcore games. Hardcore games aren't games you play all day. Would you call WoW a hardcore game? What about Farmville? People play farmville for hours a day. Some people ONLY play Farmville, are they hardcore gamers? There are people who play certain types of games like sports games. By your definition they could be hardcore.

Hitman07692767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"Once in a while" basically just made the entire point of what defines a HARDCORE game. There are people who ONLY play Socom or ONLY play Unreal Tournament or ONLY play Call of Duty games. These people are the traditional definition of hardcore. Sure you can have a hardcore platformer but hardcore games traditionally mean games you want to play every second of every day. Mario typically doesn't make that list these days!!!

@Above Farmville is not a game in my book, yes WoW is hardcore and sports games are simulations part of why they are hardcore too. This is all just opinion of course but you asked and I'm answering with my opinion.

JoelT2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

High production value with a game that has a full and meaningful narrative is what makes up a core title. It has absolutely nothing to do whether it has shooting, blood or, profanity.

Ico and Shadow of the Collusus are perfect examples of this.

You brought up a great example with Metroid Prime, we can even throw Zelda in the mix. However on Nintendo's platform you can count all of the Hardcore titles on two hands, while the rest of the lineup is shovelware. Unless you consider Sodoku Pary 7 a hardcore title.

Every single thing that MS showed for the Kinect except for Star Wars (which was on rails anyway) was for the casual. Even Dance central is more for the casual than the core player.

You need an example of a move title that will cater to the hardcore yet has no blood, shooting, or profanity. Just take a look at Sorcery.

telekineticmantis2767d ago

playstation makes top tier games for all their core. from little big planet. mlb the show to demon souls.

Omega42767d ago

"It's pretty intersting that Sony isn't basing it on competition."

You obviously didn't watch Sony's E3 conference and the constant mocking of Kinect especially by Kevin Butler. In fact I think Sony is the ONLY company to directly bash any competitor on motion controls.

But you can't blame them since their tech isn't getting any attention by consumers and likely never will, may as well talk about something people are interested in.

thewhoopimen2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Please... using a paid actor to mock shooting on Kinect is nowhere near the the PR company bashing in direct media with company personnel like Aaron Greenburg or that Shane Kim dude. He doesn't bring up anything about lag, inaccuracy, having to stand in order to play, etc. You are delusional if you think Kevin Butler is actually VP of Gaming lol

You are welcome to relisten to Kevin Butler's monologue. Nowhere does he mention MS in any of his monologue, nor does he mock 360 users. There is certainly a strong tone about enjoying gaming in general.

claterz2767d ago

lol Omega, the only people who are offended by Kevin Butler are the Xbox fanboys, Sony are not bashing other companies at all.

webeblazing2767d ago

kb didnt bash MS but i do get what you saying tho he do bash them alot like a gay dude in grammer school lol

Boody-Bandit2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Kevin Butler was hired for one reason and one reason only. To draw people in with light hearted humor and Sony knocked it out of the park by choosing him because it worked! You saw the way people reacted when he walked out on stage. You know, those same people that were at the MS press conference. They were hanging on his every word and were laughing their asses off. That is what gaming is all about, having fun. To me it sure looked like they had fun.

At least he isn't some arrogant Dbag like Greenburg or obnoxious snob like Mattrick. Have you seen the interviews with Mattrick on Gametrailers? He came off as a complete pompous snobish bunghole. I was embarrassed for Geoff having to try and keep a straight face when he interviewed Don. It looked like he wanted to laugh in his face and flat out call him on his BS.

Sorry but Sony without question "use" to be very arrogant in the past and even leading into this generation, but since their dumb, "you will be willing to work 2 jobs just to afford the $600 dollar PS3". They have been pretty quiet. MS on the other hand? Does their PR department with Greendburg as their front man, EVER shut up?

blazBlue2767d ago

You always sound like you're crying Omega. Seriously, it's just a company.

chad22hkd2767d ago

Things people are interested in? You mean like games, something the Microsoft conference had so much of. The truth is kinect, and the move haven't showed much for hardcore gamers. I just wish Sony and Microsoft would stop trying to be the wii. Here is some more truth. Microsoft will get supported by 3rd parties for kinect. But how many will support it for a new install base. Companies have no incentive to make kinect games. It will be a couple of years before you can make a large profit. They will continue to make hardcore games. Putting little kinect features, like they did when Sony was pushing the six axis. Sony will be the same, but will have a little bit more. Because they will push with their first party titles. But even games like KZ3 only have some move functionality, and it optional. Motion control on both will fail because it's optional. For the wii, it's mandatory. The only jump Sony has over Microsoft is that it will be easy to port HD versions of wii games to the ps3. But I think we will only have a handful of good hardcore motion control games from Microsoft and Sony this gen. Lets not forget, they are doing this for money the so called (casual) market. As for Sony mocking kinect, you seem to forget fast all the public mocking Microsoft has done to Sony over the years. By the cheerleader Aaron Greenburg. Look Omega you comment is tasteless as usual. Just buy a ps3 you will feel a lot better about yourself, you won't have to troll anymore. Nah then you would just troll on the wii :/

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Aphe2767d ago

Sorry Hitman but what you are actually describing as 'HARDCORE' is actually just multiplayer. Of course people don't play Mario every day because it's a single player game, you will eventually beat it and enjoy the experience but you obviously are not going to play it over and over. The same with games like GOW, AC, Deadspace and any other SP game. You might go through them again on harder difficulties or play again after you have left it for a while, but generally after you've seen everything you won't play it again.

Whereas games like COD and UT are played more because they are MP games, they are not 'hardcore', they are just more replayable naturally because they are multiplayer games. If a game doesn't have MP is it not, as you say, 'hardcore' ?

I could live with the term 'hardcore gamer' meaning someone who play's games religously, like their lives depend on it. And you can take that term to the players of the games - hardcore UT player or hardcore COD player - but games are not hardcore. And I think anyone who labels certain games as 'hardcore' needs to really think about what hardcore actually means...


...using the term 'hardcore' to describe a game has only surfaced this generation, and is mostly used by people who are fans of certain games who use the word to try and claim their favourite games are more important than other games. Just a tactic to make themselves feel more superior really, and as term to use to defend their games of choice or attack games they don't like or don't respect.

Imperator2767d ago

Glad to see Sony didn't abandon their fanbase.

taz80802767d ago

After watching that interview I'm more impressed in their renewed support for the PSP platform.

Gene2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Cause each unit sold is a profit for Sony psp is making them alot of bank.

pippoppow2767d ago

Sony caters to all types of gamers. They look to continue on the same track with Move. Of course they want the money the Wii crowd will bring in but will not abandon their user base to do so.

Godmars2902767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

But it should still be noted that they could, and should have, been supporting the PSeye itself more. That they should have been giving it more than PSN games. That we should be talking about Eyedentify instead of Milo.

Who wouldn't want to see a "Dirty Pair" type game that allowed you to interact with "Kei" and "Yuri?"

Granted, it might be just as bad as that "help girl tapped on spacestation w/monsters" but I doubt it would be for kids.

Hitman07692767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Please be joking. As a more "hardcore" gamer I really don't want to see any support for PS Eye at this point mirroring Kinect but I'm sure moms and small children would love it. I'd take Killzone 3 and Socom 4 quality games over that any day.

Besides take a look at this and tell me if you still want to see more PS Eye support:

Godmars2902767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

If the PSeye had gotten more support early on, we would have seen an XMB interface as well as other apps.

Now, it just looks like Sony's copying MS who's copying Nintendo.

Nike2767d ago

Everyone knows the PSEye wasn't a huge success. If they capture more of the casual market with Move, we may see a resurgence in PSEye games but it appears they're playing it safe for now (whereas MS is going in the opposite direction with Natal).

webeblazing2767d ago

eyetoy was descent. but it sucked no buttons and the games sucked too. im glad sony stop focusing on it. sony always did motion if thats what they wanna call it sony always did casual if thats what they wanna call that one. yall will know what i mean after natal drop.

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