Raven working on an 'exciting, unannounced title'

Singularity and Wolfenstein developer Raven Software is working on "an exciting, currently unannounced title", according to a job listing on its website.

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Cajun Chicken2948d ago

Raven are cool developers and part of the unofficial Id family. (They've made a few games with Id engines based upon Id properties).

Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.

EeJLP-2948d ago

Wooo, an unannounced title.. that's news.

ElementX2948d ago

I preordered Singularity because it's getting 75/100 or higher reviews. The graphics don't look that good in the videos but maybe they're just poor quality videos. Eurogamer gave it 8/10. I'll have to pick up that Wolfenstein game sometime.

Nihilism2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I plan to pick up Wolfenstein soon too, I think it got raped by the critics simply because expectations were so high of the franchise. It's cheap as hell now too, loves me some discounted games, in the past 3 days: SFIV, RE5, Devil May Cry 4...all 3 for $60aus...


Raven made that? I own it and I didn't even know that...if I may be so bold...I think that game was every bit as good as Batman AA, the story was not as deep, but it was as fun, maybe more.

hi22948d ago

yup raven did made the pc/ps3/360 versions and the other versions were by amaze ent. and griptonite games

XactGamer2948d ago

I think Raven is underrated, their games always get 7's but they are all 9's to me.

andron6662948d ago

Looks interesting and the reviews have been favorable. Raven did a great job on Wolverine Origins and always deliver great brutal action games.

Wolfenstein sp was ok, the powers were fun and it was worth a rent. The mp wasn't good though, laggy as hell and underwhelming. Hope the mp in Singularity is better...

Kingdom Come2948d ago

I would love this to be another X-Men Legends Title...

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hi22948d ago

wolverine 2 ,first one was awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.