Bringing the epic God of War to PSP

It wasn't an easy task bringing God of War to the handhelds. A brand new engine (Ready at Dawn Engine 2.0) had to be created, and the controls had to be adapted to a whole new system. Our time with the game at E3 proved that Ready at Dawn has been successful in recreating the God of War experience on the handheld ... but how did they do it? This new video documentary provided by Sony attempts to go behind the scenes of the game, and showcases tons of new gameplay footage.

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Chava3981d ago

graphics r miles better than halo 3

now lets see how fast 360 nerds attack me

Azures3981d ago

I recognized your foul stench the moment I clicked on this story mart, go crawl back into your hole of hyprocrasy and spite.

Nicosia3981d ago

Man, why start a flame war. Last i heard this was about GOW not Halo..

Azures3981d ago

It kinda doesn't matter what it is or how good it may be, the fanboys of either side will always find some fault to try and diminish the importance or accomplishments of the product. Many being irrational and idiotic, mart's posting history for instance is a great example of such. No matter what technical, gameplay, or story accomplishments a game exclusive to Sony consoles may be he must find fault in it; From what I've seen its for no purpose other than groundless malicious intent.

They came in black, the Sony shock troops. Mart watched as they burned his village to the ground, and from that day he swore he'd be an asshole to people on the internet for no reason at all.

Nicosia3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

mwah... same can be said about Chava. Go watch his history. Wow ShiroRX kinda funny what ya said, because you have been doing it lolol.

Azures3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Yea I have, but the reach of my fanatacism doens't go nearly as far as most. Its more of a defensive measure to protect my beloved console of choice rather than an aggressive intent to purposely rip apart the others. The only time I really intend to do that is with Guitar Hero, I hate that game.

ShiftyLookingCow3981d ago

"They came in black, the Sony shock troops. Mart watched as they burned his village to the ground, and from that day he swore he'd be an asshole to people on the internet for no reason at all." LMAO

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ThisPlaceSucksBye3981d ago

This game will probably make me go ahead and finally buy a PsP, just like God of War 3 will make me go out and buy a Ps3 (if I don't have it by then because of MGS4 :p).

This game looks really good, oh and btw what's with the Halo 3 comment? I mean, Jesus Christ.
Halo 3 is actually looking pretty great, and if the single player campaign is longer than Halo 2, I'll be buying that for sure, but anyway....God of War rocks!

7ero H3LL3981d ago

this game proves yet again that Sony still can't get it right. GdoW...that's game meant for the big screen. Many will disagree with me, but in my opinion Sony has projected the wrong impression that PSP is "near Ps2" in terms of what it can render. Developers will get this whole "Oh wow. Let's shrink one of our console games onto UMD and prove that this thing can game with the big boys" attitude, when the very reason why PSP is failing is that its games are unoriginal. And some console to PSP ports get striped of features, while others might get rebuilt, turning out to be nothing like the original.

Even franchises that have started on the PSP won't necessarily stray too far from original concepts, if devs keep thinking that they have to make pocket sized versions of big name games. They keep rehashing models for games that work best on a home console. It's realy a great achievement to say that they can do it, since I actually WANT to see handhelds and portable devices get upgraded. But PSP is striving in too many fields. With every firmware update a new feature may be added, further deepening the PSP's potential as MORE than just a gaming portable. And making gaming a secondary function to its robust media functions (it's realy good at that).

I owned CodedArms, Death Jr, GTA3 LCS and MC3 Dub Ed, both GTA and MC3 SEVERELY downgraded by framerate issues and an over JAGGED appearance. Controls failed to wow a console gamer like me, accustomed to certain amenities as dual analogs, rumble, and motion. They should employ the staggered model, it's WAY better...maybe it wont LOOK better though.

Right now, my favorite game is Loco Roco, since it produces sharp visuals with clean colorful environments, it's got NO framrate issues(I think its a Macromedia thing) it's easy to jump into and it's a nice way widdle away time. Plus, I don't end up cutting off every 6 hrs to charge/load 2nd battery. Epic console experiences should seldom be duplicated on handhelds, mainly because the time involved and battery life.

Rute3981d ago

I think GoW:CoO will be superb, but I do agree with you on your comments. These types of games would be great on a big TV when one has lots of spare time to delve into the epic world and events. For me at least, handheld games are best when they're easily accessible no matter how long the game has been unplayed and offer something to do for any length of time. A 10 minute buss trip might not be enough to complete a stage in this type of game so I hope there's a possibility to save the game at any given time and/or there's some other aspects in the game where one can advance. The cumulative time spent on handheld gaming can be very long although the sessions are short, so replay value is very important too in my opinion.

DJ3981d ago

I did NOT know the PSP could pull of something like that. The new CPU speed upgrade was a great decision, and it almost seems like PSP games may end up outclassing the PS2 someday.

Azures3979d ago

This game and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow are just about to do that.