Activision Bringing Back Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC

Activision removed the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable content January 1st, 2010. After listening to fans' requests, they have put the DLC back on XBL/PSN for a limited time and have unveiled they have no plans for a Gold edition of the game containing these characters.

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pinkyxyz2916d ago

why would the stupid f**k's take it down in the first place??

Rainstorm812916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

There's gold in dem there hills!

Edit: what other reason would it be?

Quagmire2916d ago

... there was a sequel?

crck2916d ago

Not on pc. Which is a shame.

StitchJones2916d ago

Too little too late. They really messed things up with the whole 'civil war' story mixing good/bad guys together. And then their standpoint on having all versions of the game having the same unlockable characters where in fact they didn't follow through with that either. This game was really a mess in many regards and was nowhere nears the caliber of the first title.

NecrumSlavery2916d ago

I am playing this now on coop with my wife but not one trophy unlocked. Are all the trophies tied to the single player experience?

KingPin2916d ago

Activison, do us all a favor, take your DLC and shove it up your ass! most of us who had this game probably traded it in after we got shafted waiting for the DLC in the first place!

pinkyxyz2916d ago

they can shine this dlc up real nice, turn that sumamabitch sideways, and stick it up their candy a$$!

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