Sega Sammy Posts $42 Million Loss

Japanese game company Sega Sammy Holdings today announced its first-quarter financial results, revealing a 5.09 billion yen ($42.8 million) loss for the three-month period ended June 30.Last year at this time, the company had posted net income of 779 million yen. Sega Sammy had an operating loss of 2.43 billion yen ($20.48 million) compared to an operating profit of 2.8 billion yen one year ago. Net sales were up over 11 percent, however, climbing from 85.62 billion yen to 95.42 billion yen ($803 million).
Sega Sammy said that much of the loss was attributable to R&D efforts.

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Phantom_Lee3890d ago

Sega...Sega...Sega...what happened use to be cool..

Bloodmask3890d ago

All you had to do was stay true like Nintendo. And bring back your classic franchises.

Where are the next gen iterations of Golden Axe, Shinobi, Shining Force, A true sequal to Phantasy Star, Monster World, Legend of Oasis?

People would buy these games. At least we get to see Nights 2. It is truly sad that Sega has lost grip with there truly classic games.

StrboyM3890d ago

sega started thinking they didnt need sony because they were "sega" they put all thier top games on the original xbox and screwed themselves into a hole. now slowly but surly a merger with sammy and none of thier hardcore high profile games (cept for recent VF5 ect, but may be to late) have let them slip away from the limelight and now only hardcore old school gamers remember them.

damn sega you should be riding shotgun right now...your taking the train for some odd reason..

Mike134nl3890d ago

They didn't put all their top game on the xbox they did those on the dream cast and the game cube , anybody owning a dreamcast will know which ones I'm talking about.
And why blame it on Microsoft or at anybody else if they mange to mess their sonic franchise up by them self.

At least last year they made some profit

Bathyj3890d ago

Have Sega EVER made money?

They've been a little mouthy about Sony lately here and there, yet still dont have their own house in order after all this time.

I just know one I'll be telling my Grandkids "In my day their used to be this company called Sega, but aside from some classic games they made, they apparently had no head for business. Now where's my back pill? I have to take it before I eat. I'm cold."

Tell you what, Sega Rally better be good or else that another classic franchise flushed away. They need to redo Golden Axe and Wonderboy, but make them brilliant, even if it meant just publishing and getting some else to develope. Hell I'm grasping at straws here, they need to do something.

Ludwig3890d ago

Arcade division made a lot of profit, Daytona USA is the best sold arcade machine in history .. and to day it still sells like coke (the old one!!)

Virtua Fighter/Cop etc sold well too .. most of her "console" costs got paid by arcade.

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The story is too old to be commented.