Gunnark Optiks Hands On from Gaming Nexus

I was there to see the 3D gaming glasses but have never looked through a pair of GUNNAR Optiks before. Putting on a pair, I was surprised at how clear it made viewing my 4.3” screen on my phone. There’s a yellow-ish tint that I do like and they were so light that I barely felt them on my face. Seeing as I program a ton and also game plenty of hours afterwards, I might look into picking up a pair to see if it would help me from suffering tired and dry eyes at the end of the day.

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andron6662913d ago

I would like to try them, as I can get pretty dry eyed after some hours of gaming....

SactoGamer2913d ago

The Fry's Electronics in my area just put up a small Gunnar display.