"Ocarina in Time most memorable Zelda game": Interview with Eiji Aonuma

At E3 last week, I sat down with Nintendo heavyweight Eiji Aonuma and producer/localization manager/translator Tim O'Leary, to talk about Skyward Sword and the delights of the Zelda universe in general. Mr. Aonuma has worked on every Zelda game since Ocarina, so his illustrious career more than speaks for itself.

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DA_SHREDDER2669d ago

Majora's Mask was better IMHO.

Wizziokid2669d ago

I have to disagree with that, Ocarina OF Time was by far the best zelda game ever

Panthers2669d ago

I further disagree and say that A Link To The Past was the best. I fell in love with that game and beat it 100%

Marceles2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

What Panthers said...every Zelda has been following LttP's formula ever since. That's my most memorable without a doubt. OoT had the most hype of them all and lived up to it really well though.

zireno2669d ago

I agree with Pathers and Marceles, ALTTP is the best Zelda ever. Oot is considered the best because of the transition from 2d to 3d and it is an awesome game, but anyone who has played ALTTP knows that there's really no other zelda that has been that great.

seij5552669d ago

MMs story was some lame as shit. Oot had better dungeons too. Only good thing about MM was the side quests.

deadreckoning6662669d ago

I never played a Zelda game. Can't wait ta play Ocarina in Time on the 3DS!

kissmeimgreek2669d ago

They are both probably my favorite games of all times and I like each for different reasons. They are truly both masterpieces.

Lionhead2669d ago

I personally enjoyed Orcarina of Time more

But Majora's Mask was epic and more challenging IMO =D

Quadrix2669d ago

Yeah, I also think Majora's Mask was better in every aspect.

ABizzel12669d ago

I must disagree while a Link to the Past setup the current Zelda formula, OoT perfected EVERY aspect of a Zelda game, while bring it to 3D. OoT was a perfect game back then, and the only game I would ever say deserved the score 10/10.

Tomdc2669d ago

with a series like this that can only take the story so far when you stick to a given formula and have a silent protagonist if you look at it incrementally in terms of the progress for the game at that time Ocarina of Time is a clear winner. It took not only the series but games to a whole new level.

Invader_Quirk2669d ago

Majora's Mask is my favorite as well. I cared most about the characters in that game. I would love another OoT-like experience, but I'm really hoping for another MM-esque, weirded-out Zelda some time in the future.

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xYLeinen2669d ago

Lets rephrase that.

"The most memorable game ever created."

There we go..

colonel1792669d ago

They set the bar so high with Zelda OOT, that it will be almost impossible to make another Zelda better.

Although I hope they do.

PS. By better I mean, memorable, with the epicness, and feeling it had

bennyace2669d ago

I sometimes play it again just for the feeling I had back then. And it still puts a smile on my face. But I have to say that I didn't play ALTTP so it's hard to go back to playing Zelda 2D when I didn't play it when it came out. And for Majora's Mask. I think the PS2 was already out so I wasn't playing much N64 but I tried it (actually it came out the same as the Ps2, according to wikipedia! Didn't know that.). And it didn't had the same "magic" as OOT. Just my opinion.

ChickeyCantor2669d ago

" PS. By better I mean, memorable, with the epicness, and feeling it had "

I have more memories of Majora's mask and Wind waker ( as far as 3D zelda games are concerned)


iamtehpwn2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )


kissmeimgreek2669d ago

uhhhhhh dont you mean Ocarina OF Time?

despair2669d ago

Ocarina of time is still one of my favorite games ever and definitely most memorable Zelda game, "A link to the past" is second on my list.

SpoonyRedMage2669d ago

The best Zelda is Link's Awakening! hands down!

Gothdom2669d ago

While I think Link to the Past was better, I do agree that both Lttp and Link's Awakening are better than OoT.

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