Where is the MOH 360 beta?

At E3 EA announced that there will be a BETA for Medal of honor.
they said people with VIP status of battlefield bad company 2 who also preorder MOH will get early access to this beta.

However after having recieved thousands of preorders for MOH for both 360 and ps3 EA decided to delay the beta for the 360 and not give any explanation why.

They later announced the beta will be out this week, but as the week draws to a close there is still no sign of the MOH beta ever coming to the 360. All there seems to be is patches for the ps3 and then a little note saying we are working on the 360, or " We are not ignoring Xbox 360 players. We are trying to get the #MOH beta out as fast as we can".

Now this is all fine but when you see the PS3 getting update and 360 getting nothing it makes me wonder is EA leaning towards ps3?

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dangert122857d ago

swear i seen a artical that said monday :s
360 owners probz get an extended period to keep em keen

T9X692857d ago

I was looking at the details on my PS3 and it says the beta expires 7/30/10. I think they extended it for both platforms because it was suppose to be over around the 16th of July I believe.

XactGamer2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Where the hell did CAPMAN come from? Opps... this was supposed to be a reply to the comment below.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2857d ago

Honestly speaking, 360 owners aren't missing out on much. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a much, much, MUCH better than this. If you've played the game already, you've played Medal of Honor.

omi25p2857d ago

on twitter ea said it would be out this week but it isnt soo i don't know

zeeshan8102857d ago

I played the beta its great.

This news is from a 360 fanboy "Now this is all fine but when you see the PS3 getting update and 360 getting nothing it makes me wonder is EA leaning towards ps3?".STOP CRYING!

newhumanbreed2857d ago

I'll never stop crying, it's all I can do. Stop telling me to stop crying!

nikkisixx22857d ago

Trust me all of those 360 owners, your not missing much.

MGRogue20172857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It's obvious that EA love Sony & the PS3 alot more.. hence why the PS3 version is getting exclusive DLC. :)

Also, I don't know if you noticed but Medal of Honor was only shown at Sony's E3 conference.. & the beta is only available for PS3 at the moment.. Hmmm, That's just saying something.

Maybe Sony have paid 'em some money for the exclusivity, I'm guessing :)

newhumanbreed2857d ago

And this is why Medal of Honor won't outsell Call of Duty. Treating 360 fan boys like this is just going to make them want the next CoD instead.

karl2857d ago

even if 360 fanboys dont get a beta that not everyone can get into in the first place.... it doesnt erase what activision has done to them and everyone else... so its a pretty stupid move to get cod over MOH or BF....

newhumanbreed2857d ago

They don't care about Actision being greedy. I much rather be ripped off than isolated for preferring one console over the other on a multiplatform game.

lelo2play2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I think Halo Reach and COD are enough for X360 fans at the end of 2010 for their FPS fix. Medal of Honor beta is getting quite some negative hype so it's a pretty stupid move by EA ignoring the X360... they are going to need all the help they can get.

Yardie2857d ago

It's just a Beta. it's not like its an overpriced map pack or something.

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