E3 2010 Hangover: True Crime: Hong Kong Impressions

True Crime Hong Kong follows the same concept as the previous titles, and here's the story. It is being published by Activision and developed by United Front, the developers behind ModNation Racers, which is a change from Luxoflux who developed the first two games. In Hong Kong, you take on the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop, on a mission to bust a dangerous triad. In the behind closed doors viewing Malik, Carlos and I got an eye's on view of the game. They played 2 demo missions for us, one displaying the combat in the game, with the other giving us a look at driving.

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zootang2945d ago

Will it be put up against Yakuzu 3/4???

Lesh04302945d ago

What do you mean? Do you mean will it release at the same time, or are they comparable?

Lesh04302945d ago

In terms of being comparable, yes in a way, as they are both open-world, you can start missions when you want to, there are side missions, activities, fighting. The differences are true crime allows you to customize your characters appearance in terms of clothing, you can drive, and the way the fighting works is different between them. Let me say I'm comparing this to Yakuza 3 as I haven't played 4.

True Crime is expected to be releases later this year, whereas Yakuza 4 will be in Europe and the US around March.

Yi-Long2945d ago

... and perfect for this kinda game.

However, I'm not sure True Crime will be the quality open-world action crime game the city deserves, and I'm affraid they have only taken Kowloon and HK Island as the playground, instead of the complete city (Lantau Island, New Territories, etc).

I really wish Rockstar would have just made a GTA game situated in Hong Kong.

pr0digyZA2945d ago

I loved the first game never played true crime new york though,I heard it wasn't as good. So I am really hoping this sequel is awesome because they definitely have the potential.