THQ Confirms Saints Row film

Today, THQ executive vice president of core games ,Danny Bilson, confirmed to...

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MrGunny942800d ago

Loved Saints Row cant wait for the 3rd!!! now it comes with a Movie... ah man go go go THQ

Jamie Foxx2800d ago

who wants to bet this film goes straight to DVD

KillerPwned2799d ago

Yeah i would not put it past me this goes right to DVD. I`ll give it a download to have a look see. I love the game but a movie this is gonna be hilarious.

Spenok2798d ago

LMAO, i wouldnt be suprised in the slightest.

FishCake9T42800d ago

I just hope my transvestite clown from Saints Row 2 is the main character in the film.

MrGunny942800d ago

haha i loved this game i just want to be able to Customize guns in this game xD

TenSteps2800d ago

I was just re-watching all the gang trailers for SR2 and now I want three seperate movies.

Cajun Chicken2800d ago

The movie is undoubtedly going to suck. As for the games, a great lot of fun.

BigRedBall2799d ago

Yeah the story is just shallow gansta bullshit. Those boys in da hood movies got old in the 90's/

KillerPwned2799d ago

By the way are their any Saints Row 3 Videos? Also has any gameplay been shown yet?

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The story is too old to be commented.