Green Day: Rock Band Review (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes, "It seems like there is no stop to the inertia that Rock Band has created and they are not afraid to go in different and very specific directions to push units. The most recent entry into the franchise is Green Day: Rock Band, which is exactly what it advertises to be, a Rock Band game with a Green Day skin and feel. Does it deliver hard punk rock action or fizzle out? Well, this really depends on how much you like Green Day. Seriously..."

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Hitman07692828d ago

I love Green Day, but as some one who is new to considering the music or "rhythm" game genre, I think I might want to wait for Rock Band 3.

This is definitely something special for those fans of Green Day who will go crazy over anything Green Day though, and will probably be one of the top gifts this year for music oriented gamers.

Games4M - Rob2828d ago

I hate the concept of RB:Green Day - its strying far too close to the overly numerous Guitar Hero:***insert band name***

Guitar Hero has overmilked the franchise way too much and this looks like its going the same way. Its not like Green day are some legendary band whose music will be timeless so this just comes across as lame. I mean you can get away with a game dedicated to The Beatles as they have a massive catalogue of non-stop hits and are legends, but Green Day ????

Harmonix, stick to improving the franchise with Rock Band 3 - leave the franchise leeching to Activision.

FishCake9T42828d ago

Beatles. Yes they're awesome but nothing will beat the hardcore riffage of Guitar Hero Metallica. MASTER, MASTER.

Hitman07692828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I don't really agree with your points about Beatles VS Green Day but I can see how most people would feel that way.

@FishCake be honest, Metallica has not been on anyone's wish list for a long time and GH:M is probably the only way they sell records these days after their war against downloadable music (most of which that was being downloaded was rap lol). Great band but Rob's argument would apply to them just as much.

On a serious note, what I'm really excited for is Call of Duty: Metallica!!!!!!!!!!!

Quagmire2828d ago

Really, was anyone expecting anything more from a Rock Band title?

Hitman07692828d ago

Lol, no I was not. But Rock Band 3 looks amazing and I don't even like Rhythm games.

taz80802828d ago

I thought maybe they would add something unique to the game but instead it was just a regulate Rock Band game with Green Day songs.

ZombieNinjaPanda2828d ago

I started up guitar 2 years ago in lieu of guitar hero, and picking it back up today, playing guitar hurt my hands so badly. So strange.