Why Trophies Outdo Their Counterparts

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I hate it when people say “me too” in a derogatory fashion. That mentality doesn’t make sense to me. The foundations of progress are built upon improvement – taking an idea and making it better. The best most recent example is PlayStation Move. The Wii has proved itself a solid but under-utilised control mechanism, so it pains me to see an improved iteration of that – with some solid games in the pipeline – completely disregarded. It’s simply unnecessary to reinvent the boat with every product. A similar release that was given the “me too” label was trophies. To be fair, yes, that was a bit more cut and dry. It was a reaction to Microsoft’s excellent achievements meta-game. But in my opinion, in a similar fashion to the PlayStation Move, it improves on what’s come before it."

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digitalivan2915d ago

I fully agree. And there is no such feeling like when you platinum some game.

dangert122915d ago

i like the tropies system more plus makes more sense
but i enjoy reciving achivements more i think it looks better when it pops ups on your screen i don't know lol
but tropies does a good eveluation of how good the player is if you look at is
platinum gold silver bronze ratio,
anyone could get
21000 achivements with out the need to be that good just play loads of games

ShinMaster2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Trophies have a more "game-like" progression system, which is what makes them so likable. I like leveling up, instead of just getting a number like "35247" or something like that.
Achievements just make seem like you keep accumulating exp points without getting anywhere.

Imperator2915d ago

Yea, I'm a PS3 fan, but I do like Achievements better.. don't know why.

ShinMaster2915d ago

What do you mean "Yea"? Who are you agreeing with? lol
Well I guess we all have our opinions. I just gave my reasons as to 'why' I like Trophies more.

-Alpha2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I like trophies too but Achievements are integrated way better. GamerScore may just be a number but it's much simpler. Also, Achievements, unlike trophies, are there to show off. They are there on the dashboard, you can easily see friend's achievements, and they are there for EVERY game.

Unfortunately with trophies they are hidden away in some obscure place, Home doesn't utilize it, and the support is relatively new with older games not having it.

I like the leveling system of trophies but I wish Sony would make them more integrated and streamlined. I also hate how slow they load sometimes. Sony did a good job with the system, but neither Trophies nor achievements track skill.

I was hoping Trophies would do that: every trophy should have had the ability to master into a Gold. So every bronze can be turned into a gold, etc. This would make trophies SO much better, and it would indicate skill better. But, devs just lazily copy and paste Achievements to the trophies so it's not going to happen unfortunately. MS pretty much lead the concept and Sony unfortunately had to follow and I feel that they are stuck imitating it as devs just copy and paste Achievements to trophies.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

There is no such feeling when you Platinum this games:
Demon's Souls, White Knight Chronicles.

Barely I know people with Platinum in those games, specially with WKC is the most difficult to get it.

raztad2915d ago

Platinum RPGs is something out of reach for me. Too time consuming for my liking, lets not talk about DS please, I wont eeven try. I'll be more than happy if I can finally beat the game once :D

Sony needs to implement a trophy-lite system on the PSP. I have a gut feeling it is coming.

3dawg2915d ago

i have to disagree with wkc being harder than DS i have a platinum on DS. i have not play wkc yet but from what my friend is telling me wkc is not hard just time consuming; that came from a guy who wouldn't even touch DS. lol

AngelorD2915d ago

It has impossible trophies! Absolutely insane!
I worship anyone who platinumed this one.

despair2915d ago

Clearly you have not seen the Trophy list for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, that is up there with the toughest, last I heard it was less than 30 persons with the Platinum in the world(needs verification).

But the Beat Zico on Wipeout HD is arguable one of the hardest trophies ever.

wicko2915d ago

List of most PS3 games and their user-polled difficulty ratings. Looks like NGS2 is the toughest according to the community. I'm aiming for the Star Ocean platinum myself, going to take a very long time though.

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Quagmire2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Nothing like getting a trophy that isn't real, but IS!

mushroomwig2915d ago

"Staying up til 3am to earn a trophy that isn't real....but is."

MexicanAppleThief2915d ago

I like the leveling part of it and Plats feel sooo good when you get them, but I wish we could get some trophy intrgration with Home. That'd be coooooool.

mushroomwig2915d ago

Well there are already quite a few games that unlock rewards if you manage to earn certain trophies but I agree...I want the trophy room already.

despair2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

lol imagine the guy with 5000 trophies having his own trophy room showing each one, that would be insane

lodossrage2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I never actually thought of it that way. This article makes a damn good point.

The only problem with some trophies are how the developers themselves implement them. If you guys notice, sometimes you'll come across a bronze or silver trophy that is much harder to get than a gold trophy in some games

Redempteur2915d ago

i'm proud of my 3 plat ... that means i had the guts to go and do eveyrthing in the games i platiniumed..when you see that even demo have achievement on 360 just show that some will just go to the points regardless if they enjoy their games ..

but achievements and trophy whore exist on both sides of the fence

mushroomwig2915d ago

I'm proud of my 11 platinums, I'm trying my hardest for the Singstar platinum but it's insanely difficult, I guess that's a good thing otherwise everyone would have it. xD

I agree with this article anyway, I have around 6000 as a gamerscore and I couldn't care less about it due to the way it's implemented, however I like the trophy system because it can clearly tell you what type of gamer someone is.

3dawg2915d ago

hard to tell what type of gamer people are based on these systems. i have a friend with 30,000 gs but played 412 games, while i have 10,000 and played 25 games. i have a friend that has 2000+ trophies with 16 platinum while i have 800 trophies with 15 platinum. am i a better gamer or are they? although I'm proud of my Demon's souls plat. haha

Nathaniel_Drake2915d ago

You then look at how much gold and silver you have compared to your other friend, see trophies do have more depth

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