Rpgfan : Golden sun Dark Dawn Preview

Nintendo this year was showing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS. Sam From RPGFAN played Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS.
"... Set to take place thirty years after the adventures of our original cast of characters, Dark Dawn will be readily equipped with its own slew of fresh faces and dastardly villains ..."

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xino2914d ago

i was looking so forward to this game, but the bad graphics just spoils everything!

Redempteur2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

i don't think this is bad graphics at all ... they just went 3d.
Bear in mind this is a DS game ...thoses graphics are fine given the résolution the game uses

one thing i want however is some voices ( during attacks )

Canary2913d ago

It's not like the DS was ever a graphics powerhouse to begin with. Personally, I don't think the game looks bad at all. Sure, it's not DQIX--but what is?

But, damn, I have too many unfinished DS games. I can't even think about getting any more.

Redempteur2913d ago

There were a lot of rpg on the ds in 2008 it's way less .. except draque 9
i hope 2011 will be better for the ds rpg library