Why FFXIIIVersus is a Better Canidate For a Multiplatform Game Than FFXIII Ever Was

This week a few shadows were lifted from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII Versus. New details regarding XIII Versus revealed that the game is shaping up to be the open world experience gamers haven’t been exposed to from Square in a long time.

One screenshot of the game even has some already comparing XIII Versus to Bethesda Game Studios popular action role-playing game, Fallout 3.

Despite this week's news from Japan, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Final Fantasy XIII Versus. However, if you compare what we do know about the game with Final Fantasy XIII it’ll soon become evident that Versus XIII may be the jrpg that has a better chance of appealing to 360 gamers than Final Fantasy XIII.

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King Hippo2887d ago

It will be a PS3 exclusive WORLDWIDE. It will probably get a same day release in all regions as well (S-E always said they wanted to do that and now would be the time). On top of that, FFvs13 will be open world and it will have towns and things they had to remove from FF13 just so they could fit it on a last gen console.

chidori6662887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

It's really looking like Versus will blow ff 13 out the water. FF 13 were just atrocious, and given some particularly cutesy and generic scenes shown in FF13 thus far, it's not looking too hot. Versus XIII on the other hand is a darker, more mature, seemingly more intelligent game done by the Kingdom Hearts team the only team left in Square-Enix that isn't totally incompetent.

Noctis Aftermath2887d ago

I just hope that the Airship hasn't been turned into a FFX "Airship" and resembles the ones in the FF games before X.

raztad2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I totally was expecting VERSUS be announced MULTI at E3. That is the natural place for MS to announce such a big win for its (mostly) western audience. It didnt happen. Now I doubt it will ever happen.

My guess is Nomura want to keep this game only on PS3.

Regarding the article while it is true VERSUS looks more western-friendly in its settings. It is still a J-RPG and it will keep the typical S-E CGI videos fanfare, that can't be compressed in a single dvd disk.

FF13 was a lenghty linear affair till it reached the third dvd, and then it opened. Dunno FFversus will follow the same path to accommodate the storage restriction of the xbox.

thewhoopimen2886d ago

Why would they fall for Ms' nonsense when they fell for it like 2-3 times already with earlier IPs? None of those "exclusives" caught on because the 360 core fans are shooter gamers not RPGers. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me; Fool me three times... well i'm Square Enix.

Gue12886d ago

This game probably has a 2012 release date so it'll be announced multiplat on E3 2011 and Square's going to pull out a FFXIII and say that the PS3 version will be finished first before porting it out to the X360. That way they shut the mouths of many fans and play it safe with the sales...

Then all of a sudden they conveniently move all the side-quest to the end of the game ala FFXIII (3rd disc) and remove content to fit on no more than 4 discs.

presto7172886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

that would mess the game up. I dont want it to be as one-way as a toothpick with no towns and shops and side stuff just like FFXIII. Please give us airships and world maps and side stories and quests and hunts and chocobo racing and all that good stuff

FFXIII was such a waste. It really hit me when my friend said that on the game you buy items at save spheres. I was like "Get the f*ck outta here with that sh*t".

They said the game had story over gameplay. SCREW THAT. the cast was lame as hell. SUCKS!!!

PS3istheshit2886d ago

FFXIII was actually not a bad game
I know its not nearly as good as exclusive FF games but it is fun
It should've been exclusive though so they could put 500+ hours more into it :P

sikbeta2886d ago

This Game is Only for PS3 cos it has the Quality FF13 don't, If they even dare to think about a Port, they'd need to cut loads of Content, look what Nomura and his Team are adding to the Game:

[ ]

"- The movement of the clouds in the game are controlled by the physics engine in the game.
- The game employs an open field concept, so you can travel anywhere except into mountains.
- The encounter system is a mix of random and visible encounters? (Confusing point, the blog doesn't seem clear either.)
- Battles are seamless. The only loading in the game will occur when moving between very large areas. They're aiming for the ultimate in seamlessness.
- Objects along the paths of roads can be destroyed.
- Most people will not believe their eyes when they see the high quality of the battles in motion.
- The staff are highly motivated now.
- There will still be improvements and more polish on the visuals made, the visuals in the screens are the game running at the moment.

- You'll be able to use a car as promised. You can exit it and move on foot at any time as well.
- Enemies will be visible on the field, and while some enemies are wandering around, others will suddenly appear and surprise you. (This clarifies what the random and visible comment meant, and it also confirms that game will be similar to FFXII in that sense.)
- Nomura says they're planning for a big unveiling of Versus at some point, but he doesn't really give any deadline for it.
- There will be some announcements at TGS of titles which have not been revealed at all yet"

This Game can FILL a BR-D easily, if SE is stupid enough to think about a Multiplat Release with both Versions "equal" (like FF13) the other version will have like 6DVDs and if SE only want 3Discs they'd need to CUT Loads of Content, there is no way they can do that, it'll be FF13 all over again...

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Abriael2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

This article is a perfect example of writing out of wishful thinking with no knowledge of the mechanics behind the release of a game whatsoever (besides the dribble about Final Fantasy XIII that was quite a great game in it's own right).
The whole description of a vast open world that you can revisit at any stage of the game is exactly what will prevent it from appearing on the 360.

Such an approach, paired with assets with a level of variety and detail (which means size in GBs, between other things) comparable with Final Fantasy XIII is impossible with a multi-disk approach. It's that simple.

Square Enix can afford making a game like that because of blu-ray. Advocating it's porting to a platform that still relies on DVD is nothing more than wishful thinking.

And wishful thinking makes for bad journalism (or blogging).

palaeomerus2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

What kind of idiot thinks that the 360 can't do open world games when it already has LOTS of open world games? Some of them actually run better on the 360- than they do on the PS3. Few of them require multiple discs. Some of them even use commonly available middleware.

Maybe Square Enix can't figure out how to do them on the 360, but seemingly everyone else can.

The question is, 'how will it handle the load times for these supposedly hyper-detailed areas on the PS3 ?' Will it have multiple installs like MGS4?

Abriael2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

How many of the open world games you find on the 360 are on multiple disks?
How many of those don't rely on extreme assets recycling (meaning a low variety of assets resulting in "wasteland" worlds that pretty much look the same everywhere you go, like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption)?

The style of Final Fantasy relies on variety and detail, that isn't compatible with an heavy recycling of the graphical assets of the game or with squeezing everything into a single disk.

Now, if you want Final Fantasy Versus XIII to look worse and to be more drab in order to squeeze it on 360, then that's your thing, personally I, and most others here it seems, prefer Square Enix not to compromise and to offer the best game that they can. That's simply not possible with normal DVDs. 6 Gigs are VERY small nowadays.

One thing is for sure. If the game has the same level of detail and variety as Final Fantasy XIII and is open world, it won't be on 360. It's simply not possible technically unless Microsoft amends their policies and allow for a mandatory hard disk installation.

That's the only way such a game on 360 would be possible.

@FanboysWillHateMe below: like i wrote above, squeezing those games in one disk is possible through two ways:
1: asset compression and smaller assets (which is very visible in GTA4), which means less detail and worse graphics. GTA4 isn't for sure a graphics powerhouse. Quite the contrary.
2: very heavy recycling of assets. Which means using the same textures/models over and over in the game world. Rresulting in less varied environments and characters/enemies. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption and Red Faction Guerrilla are some easy-to-spot examples of that.

Making open world games with only six usable gigs means a lot of compromise, and compromise means lower quality. It doesn't mean that they are bad games, but they sure don't look as good as they could if instead if 6 gigabytes they could have used 25-50.

Now, graphics aren't everything, that's for sure, and you can still achieve a pretty good level even with heavy compression, low resolution and heavy recycling, but between having good graphics on both platforms, and having great graphics on just one, as an all-platforms user, I for sure prefer the second option.

To understand what I mean, you may want to look at pictures from heavily modded PC versions of some games you mentioned, like Oblivion, Fallout 3 or GTA4, with replaced high resolution textures, reworked models and added assets to improve environmental and character variety. They look so good that they almost seem entirely different games, but their installed size is many times larger. To give you an example, my installation of Oblivion hovers around 40 Gigabytes.

It's not a matter of "insulting" a console, like you seem to be, but just a matter of being realistic about it's capabilities or, in this case, the capabilities of it's storage media paired with Microsoft's "no mandatory installation" policies, that are very limiting.

AntBoogy902886d ago

Um . . it's an HD-DVD btw, and it holds about 15gb on a single layer disc, and 30gb on a dual layer disc. 360 doesn't use regular DVD's, are you crazy? Sorry to burst your bubble . . i'm a PS3 fanboy and i know this shit :| but good arguments. I just had to interject with clarification.

madao2886d ago

Yeah right, then why do you have to buy an external drive to watch hd-dvd on 360? PS3 fanboy? What a load of bullshit.

Newtype2886d ago

HD-DVD on the 360 was used to just watch movies. It wasn't their medium for video games.

Gamer_Z2886d ago

What the heck are you talking about Xbox 360 does not use HD DVD Microsoft gave up on that format a while back ago and as far as i know they never implemented it into the Xbox 360 that’s why you have to buy it separately (external drive). No my guess is that you are just a troll defending the Xbox360

Imalwaysright2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

FF7 had towns and a world map and it came in 3CDS. FF9 had towns and a world map and it came in 4 CDs.
If SE wanted it, FF13 could have towns and a world map despite the game being also on the 360. SE were the ones that didnt wanted to include a world map and towns on FF13 because according to them it would be "to much work".

SE also said that it would take 30 years to do a remake of FF7, a game with a world map and towns, wich agains proves how SE are nothing but the most lazy developers of this generation (not valve, like the disgruntled PS3 fanboys claim).

If you want to blame someone for FF13 not meeting everyone's expectations blame SE.

ClownBelt2886d ago

Did you just compared a PS1 game to a current gen game? Oh the stupidity.

Imalwaysright2886d ago

Then please explain my stupidity. Instead of giving empty and useless replies you should elaborate before insulting someone you dont know. Please explain me why was it possible to make a FF game with a world map and towns in multiple CDs with a 15 year old tech and now suddendly is not possible.

Nathaniel_Drake2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I still don't understand why people say there was no problem with FF13 going multiplat when they said they had to cut out so many things.

Okay FF13 was multiplat so there is an excuse right it was SE's fault because they had to divide between the systems, so what is your excuse for Alan Wake? That was to be open world but why was that cut? Why? That had the 360 console only in mind only. Face it the 360 neutered itself right from the get go for not putting in HD-DVD at the start. You can't have your cake (1-year head start) and eat it to (Next gen technology)

PirosThe4th2886d ago

You are clearly not always right... sigh...

The psx's games you are talking about had the entire world map in the same disc together with all the game's assets.
All the Square Enix games had that. The only thing that changed in each disc was the dialog and FMV. This was done to allow back tracking and to have more space for the beautiful cutscenes.

FFXIII in the other hand, the maps of the game were separate in each disc together with the FMVs so in other words. The back tracking was impossible without swapping disc every time.

6.5 gigs of DVD9 (m$security thing on xbox360 disc takes up the rest of it), it's nearly impossible. So that is why my friend...


darkziosj2886d ago

yeah right... because this recycling of assets exist only because a game is on the xbox 360 dont make me laught if a game is or not exclusive there
will be recycling of many types, sigh these fanboys think they know about development

Consoldtobots2886d ago

"@Abriael #1.4.2
Um . . it's an HD-DVD btw, and it holds about 15gb on a single layer disc, and 30gb on a dual layer disc. 360 doesn't use regular DVD's, are you crazy? Sorry to burst your bubble . . i'm a PS3 fanboy and i know this shit :| but good arguments. I just had to interject with clarification."

this is the level of intelligence you deal with when it comes to 360 fanboys. Ever puzzled by their inability to understand what makes the Ps3 superior? wonder no more. they don't even know what format their console uses.

Imalwaysright2886d ago

@ Piros What you said doesnt invalidate my point. FF7 and FF9 were on multiple CDs because of the FMV sequences and the same is possible for FF13. FF citys were detailed but they werent big and the world maps were just some continents. If FF13 devs wanted i believe that they could have easily have fitted them in a DVD9 and since JPRPGs are linear the FMV sequences could be on their respective DVDs.

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Imperator2886d ago

If this game goes multiplat, I won't even buy it. I feel once for FFXIII, but they won't fool me again. Besides, is it really worth it? FFXIII sold like 1 million on the 360, but if it had stayed exclusive then maybe more people on the PS3 would have but. Remember, Exclusives always get more attention.

IrishAssa2886d ago

Just to tell you all, airships were confirmed long ago, Nomura said a few YEARS ago that Versus reminded him of the old FF's because he was testing the airship flying around the map(very early shitty graphics) and all but ye see what I mean.

Also why else would the clouds be controlled by the physics engine? You get to fly through them, infact I wouldn't be surprised if there is some form of air combat in it.

FanboysWillHateMe2886d ago

refer to the 360 as a last-gen console. I mean c'mon, how was Oblivion, Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Red Dead Redemption all able to fit on one dvd? I don't think the FFXIII developers did anything as drastic as to remove towns in order to develop for the 360. Wasn't the overwhelming majority of FFXIII's data composed of the CG cutscenes? Take those out and XIII would have easily fit on one disc.

I dunno, I'm just tired of coming to N4G and always seeing the same wrongly-placed insults and complaints hurled at the 360.

AntBoogy902886d ago

That's because you won't open your eyes. If it becomes exclusive, why don't you get yourself a PS3 and see for yourself?

Gamer_Z2886d ago

"In an interview over with art director Isamu Kamikokuryou has him saying that the team removed enough extra locations from the title to make up a whole other game entirely. Sections cut include a secret base for Snow's hero squad, a character's home that included a park, and even a zoo inside one of the game's amusement park areas. This is all more impressive when you consider that Square Enix is expecting to need three DVDs to hold everything that's still in the Xbox 360 version of the game."

FanboysWillHateMe2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Don't be so quick to assume, AntBoogy90. I love my PS3 just as much as I do the 360, but the hate for the latter is sad.

@gamer z
I see. So the inclusion of this park and Snow's secret base would have lifted the game's average score from a B to an A- huh.

Nathaniel_Drake2886d ago

"I shake my head whenever people still
refer to the 360 as a last-gen console."

Umm it uses last gen technology?????? DVD, is that new or something???

Disc tray instead of slot loading, the Wii even uses slot loading?!?!?!?

No HDMI ports when it came out MS saying they didn't need it, they added it wayyyy later because they called their machine next gen they had to put something in it to justify that statement

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MadMan002886d ago

LMFAO, another retard they didn't take them things out you idiot they had that planned from the get go...They already had XIII planned before they even decided they were gonna put in on 360....You and like 90% of this site have no idea how games are even made and planned.

You could add 5 towns to XIII and it would STILL linear the game basics of moving around is completely different from any game SE has tried to make they made it like this on purpose, it only requires a bit of common since to actually figure this out and it seems no one on this site has it and they just jump on the Sack Sucking Sony Wagon.

Jab-dees-nuts2886d ago

Do you know how games are made?

they said it would NOT have open world in the first place, second, the stuff they took out you can clearly see when you play the game, i went through a few stages and i kept seeing the same enemies but with diffrent colors or customes, the weapons upgrade system was clearly rushed or dumbed down, you would take hours to have enough points to upgrade a wep but by then you would have already found a new wep for that specific character. then you would sell weapon and get 5 points for it? lame!! the items were a joke. i bought antidotes and a who bunch of the crap and not one did i ever get poisoned. same goes for the other magics...idk the game looked nice but acting was dry, just wen someone would get mad (or emotional) someone would say something like "were gonna be ok" and they would calm down was sad, game had no depth

Xfanboy2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Can't wait to play on my PC..

in 3d!!

Thanks Sony!!

Just a question

1 of the biggest statement coming from PS3 owners is 360 games are not exclusive becuz its on PC!!

If you read the comments what happed to that rule?? just wondering...

oh the hypocrisy!!!

DRIIV2886d ago

your talking about a different game then everyone else here,that is causing your confusion. vs. XIII=/=XIV

aaronisbla2886d ago

great job owning yourself xfanboy

sikbeta2886d ago

It simply CAN'T go Multiplat, There are Lot of things going on in FFvs13, Nomura and Team are Adding More Stuff and Making it The FF that Fans are Waiting for, this Game FILL a Blu-Ray easily, that's like 6DVDs if they even dare to think about a Porting it....

beardpapa2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

"One screenshot of the game even has some already comparing XIII Versus to Bethesda Game Studios popular action role-playing game, Fallout 3. "

THAT made me go LOL. I applaud the gaming bloggers out there especially the ones at thesilentchief dot com. You guys are truly professional and create such sensational content. Almost as good as reading National Enquirer.

gintoki7772886d ago

heres what I think,

I looked at the number of square enix games for ps3 on squares site and theres 3 or 4 while xbox has 8 available. So idk I think sony deserves some exclusives lol

but its buisness so u dont know

I hope it stays exclusive :P

Donny2886d ago

i need this game asap.

Ryudo2886d ago

Yeah like the towns they had to remove from Lost odyssey so it would work on the 360 o wait... no they didn't

Bloody moronic trolls if your going to troll at least be consistent.

n4gno2886d ago

"It will be a PS3 exclusive WORLDWIDE"

Like 80% of the best games since 2008.

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stonecold12887d ago

man only and im so happy its exclusive to the ps3 so theres no xbox version good it just made my day yay

Hyrius2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

It must stay PS3 exclusive.

I want it to be as good and beautiful as possible. No compromise.

blazBlue2886d ago

Exactly. I want to see what Nomura can do.

Brewski0072886d ago

Yeah if they make it multi-plat they'd have to cut out things from it and dim it down like they they did with 13. Ive had enough linearity from that one to last me a lifetime and am really REALLY hoping that versus is the real game we're waiting for.

shoddy2886d ago

Please don't slow it down.

sikbeta2886d ago

There is no way this Game can go Multiplat unless SE is stupid enough to Cut Content and make another Crappy FF Game like FF13 and that's not gonna happen, they can Risk this Franchise, that's why FFvs13 is Exclusive to the PS3...

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MechaGear2887d ago

I can't find that title statement explained in the article.
He author is merely hoping for that to happen.

97gsx2886d ago

Exactly the article makes no sense. Because its open world it makes it more a candidate??? Wouldnt that increase the disc space required more so than 13.

palaeomerus2886d ago

Most of XIII is made up of voices and movies. And the 360 version didn't even use up all of the discs it was on.

VersusEM2886d ago

hmm, he has a point, either way, cant wait for Versus. PS- if you havent tried XIII, try it, dont listen to the hate, its a great game

Hellsvacancy2886d ago

Nah, sorry dude, it doesnt look very appealin, never has, i always thought it looked a little girlie (no offence intended)

I got Demons Souls yesterday so thatll keep me forever busy (im luvin it), u never know i might even hav it completed by the time Versus arrives (its well hard lol)

aaronisbla2886d ago

hell, rent it if you can, you may or may not like it. it was by far my least fav ff game since its been on disks, but try it if the chance pops up

lpfisher2886d ago

All the XIII hate pisses me off to no end. It's an amazing game and definitely one of my favorites.