Consumers Chose Kinect Over Natal By A “Landslide” Says Microsoft

Okay guys, which name do you prefer, Natal or Kinect?
Natal you say? Well you’re in the minority there. Yes, according to a test done by Microsoft, Kinect won over Natal by a “landslide”.

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Wizziokid2914d ago

I personally liked Natal more, but that's maybe just because I was used to saying it.

But I still say Natal sometimes

dangert122914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

i prefered natal

consumers chose? i did't even know there was a vote O_o
microsoft talking for us all again

JsonHenry2914d ago

I am sure they did consumer testing and focus groups like all companies do to come up with this name.

Motion2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Well, I don't know if its biologically correct at all, but natal always made me think of prenatal, making me think of fetuses. I always thought the name was a little strange.

basicsameh5142914d ago

kinect has a sorta ring to it

WildArmed2914d ago

I still call it natal and like it more.
Mainly because we've heard Project natal like a bazillion times :)
It's kinda weird to hear them call it Kinect.

Kinect has a more consumer friendly ring to it though.

But, like i said, I like natal due to more exposure.

Montrealien2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I remember many forum communities wanting nintendo to stick with revolution after Wii was announced since we where all used to it and heard is a bazillion times, or Katana even? But Dreamcast is now much better, even though people judged it back then also. But it passed, so will this.

Lou-Cipher2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I want to see the poll Microsoft does that shows how much people think Natal & Kinect both suck. Is it better to be $hit on, or pi$$ed on?

I have heard mostly negetive comments on both names.


Your right on the money about Revolution/Wii.

People will get used to Kinect just like they got used to Wii.

bjornbear2914d ago

I rather be pissed on...and I doubt Im alone here.

lesser of two evils xD

still, I agree, its stupid to give people the choice between two bad names xP

siyrobbo2914d ago

I think of project natal and kinect as 2 different things. Natal was the magical device which promised us great advances, and kinect is what we ended up with. I have my reservations, and I really do hope for some innovation.

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Omega42914d ago

Natal sounded more unique but when you think about it the name really had nothing to do with the product. At least with Kinect it makes some sense.

Letros2914d ago

Doesn't help that Natal was a dumb name in the first place.

MaximusPrime2914d ago

dont like either of them.

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