Naughty Bear Video Review [TheGamerAccess]

TheGamerAccess: Naughty Bear is an awesome concept. It is really original and killing bears is awesome. Unfortunately some flawed gameplay and mediocre graphics hold this one back.

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player-12823d ago

Well that's a little disappointing..

Solidus187-SCMilk2822d ago

It looks like something a 9 year old would like.

There has already been overly violent cutesy games that were actually good, like conkers bad fur day, jet force jemini and fur fighters.

Sanii2823d ago

Glad I didn't buy it.

King Hippo2823d ago

I'm still going to play it for the humor if anything. Also, the trailers and ads for the game makes it seem like Naughty Bear is the bad one (and maybe he is in some ways) but those other bears are assholes. I say Naughty Bear is the good one (I mean he even made a gift for one of the bears birthday parties but he wasn't even invited and the other bears laughed at his gift).

player-12823d ago

Lol I guess so. He is one mean ass bear though.

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topgeareasy2822d ago

make the movie or some else

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The story is too old to be commented.