First PSP game with Facebook integration on the way

Czech developer Grip Games shows us in a video how to put Facebook integration in their Mini 5-in-1 Arcade Hits.

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al-burrito2856d ago

Nice Video but Sony should bring this to all Minis!

McPoopin2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Wow so fails jut like the psp go they need to drop out of the handhekd and console maarket and stick to making walkmans sony

portablegaming2856d ago

Facebook usage on the PSP is cool. The DS had it first and I wonder why Sony never tried to implement it, since it is a big deal on the PS3. For example Uncharted 2!

franktheprank2856d ago

I loved to brag about Uncharted 2 :D

King Hippo2856d ago

Looks like this will be the worst PSP game ever.

al-burrito2856d ago

don't think so... we need more features in the minis. and this should be the first step. iphone games are much better supported in this way.

Close_Second2856d ago

...who could not care less about Facebook?

remanutd552856d ago

well facebook is nice and all but i really want sony to implement the whole psn functionalities on the little system
1. ability to send/receive messages from your psn friends
2. ability to talk to your psn friends ]
3. ability to play online with your psn friends
4. trophies
those should be priorities sony , and keep the awesome games coming

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