Nintendo Zone: Special Download Item Pilot Projects start in Europe

Nintendo of Europe now presented their Nintendo Zone plans. After a success in Japan the Nintendo Zone projects opens up worldwide with Pilot Projects.

In 10 McDonald's stores in Germany Nintendo starts a special download item and demo zone called Nintendo Zone. Fans can get current Nintendo DS demos or they can download special DLC content for example special Pokémon like Jirachi or Pikachu with special attacks.

If the project is a success in Europe as well it will be opened up for further markets.

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portablegaming2887d ago

It sounds like an interesting concept, I hope the do it everywhere.

franktheprank2887d ago

Yeah, now I can get my Jirachi that I missed at Gamestop!

al-burrito2887d ago

Big Mac with Pokemon... Yammy :D

franktheprank2887d ago

Greasy fingers and slimy DS! :D

portablegaming2887d ago

It's a Pikachu-Mac! The yellow burger!

Schneestern2887d ago

haha, if nintendo really cares that much about the health of their players they should not have chosen mc donalds...x'D

2887d ago
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