Sony “Hopes” PS3 Will Takeover Xbox 360 In The Long Run

Sony has been on an upward move ever since the redesigned PS3 slim, and a cheaper price point were announced last year at GamesCom in Cologne Germany. Sales have been through the roof, first party titles, such as Uncharted 2 has been leading the innovative path, with the future looking even brighter.

Many analysts have predicted that in the not to distant future, PS3’s global install base will overtake that of the Xbox 360. That’s something Sony heartily agrees with.

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dangert122941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

to be honest i think it will, the 360's will be hot for 6months then people will realise it don't really offer anything new and get ps3

@SonySoldiers lol shut up about personal testimony,just my opinion not a testimony to sony...your user name is though ;)

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Mr Marbles2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

all the analysts predicted that PS3 would quickly over take 360 as soon as PS3 launched, when that didn't happen they predicted that 360 would be over taken by PS3 by the end of the 2nd year of its life, never happend.

And according to the fanboys 360 would be dead as soon MGS4 launched, Resistance 2, Uncharted1, and God of War3. Not only is 360 not dead, but its still ahead of PS3, so I would take these silly predictions with a grain of salt, PS3 will be in 3rd forever, only an idiot would say PS3 is about to take the lead after E3 2010. PS3 has no games for the rest of 2010, 360 does, plus Kinect and slim60.

Edit: Oh right Im sorry, PS3 has one game, GT5.

ChilliDemon2941d ago

"PS3 has no games for the rest of 2010"...
Wow! Do you give out lottery numbers too?

Sitris2941d ago

SOCOM 4, LBP2 and GT5 are big releases, LBP 2 is GOTY potential, so is GT5, so to you that is nothing? Also Sony has the move to offset Kinect, as well as 3D and Possible PLUS deals (Steam anyone, hulu, netflix, mmo's) So tell me these great 360 games, we know halo, fable and........what? Fable 3 i will get for my PC (fully payed of, YAY!) so i know of Halo. What else is there?

redsquad2941d ago

You're a rambling, pretentious and LYING (if only to yourself) buffoon who doesn't warrant my attention beyond from this short missive.
Goodbye forever.

blazBlue2941d ago

Yet a misinformed individual who still thinks he's living in 2007.

karl2941d ago

as far as i know ps3 has since launch sold better than the xbox..

keep playing your third party games as long as u want.. eventually u will get a ps3, create a new N4G account and come back as a ps3fanboy..

thats my prediction... take it as u will

Unbornkirkster192941d ago

i love when you say "no games" you forget that you always leave out 3rd parties,just cause theres no exclusives(which there are) doesn't mean that there aren't any games.Plus gives everyone sometime to catch up on all the great games that have come out in the past 8 months its basically been an overload that burning a hole in my wallet. Ooh and who gives two shits about what any analyst thinks they are payed to predict shit. So just lay off the attempted down play you cum guzzling demon slut.On another note too since when was the last time 360 TRULY got an exclusive in the past year that was ONLY on 360 and NOT Pc???,and you cant say AW or SC:C.

kunit22c2941d ago

THIS is how 360 fanboys act on this site, they post one stupidly ridiculous comment then they get proved wrong and then they leave the article and never come back and go to another article and post another ridiculous comment. And so the cycle continues, they never come back and support their comment with facts.. (mostly because there are no facts to back up their comments)

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zaphod7772941d ago

as far as I am concerned this isn't anything new. Sony planned for a 10 year life cycle that is why they included so many features and was so expensive at first. Now less than halfway through the life cycle they have hit the sweet spot. I would be surprised if the xbox 360 can keep up after 2 more years. Even if they are able to render the same graphics the DVD capacity is going to be the big limitation. I think the only way Microsoft can keep up is if they start introducing games on flash memory sticks which may be an option down the line with the dropping prices of flash memory.

ProjectVulcan2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I think its inevitable looking at the four year trend, PS3 has closed the gap constantly every year. On current sales figures providing the trend does not heavily swing it should be close to surpassing 360 by summer 2011. Once PS3 gets itself under that magical 200 dollar mark in north america i suspect it will begin to REALLY fly off the shelves

theKiller2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

MS r doing fine!! even if ps3 will take over 360, 360 would still have a huge install base even though 10-30%of them r not functioning any more!!

we are entering the 4th year of ps3 since launch and still ps3 didnt over take 360?? when will that ever happen? any way i dont doubt it will happen but its taking ps3 long time!! maybe the fact that ps3 is not hacked yet is holding many low budget people from the world to buy it? i personally know many people who bought the 360 for the sole purpose to play cracked games.

anyway this competition from MS is really pushing the ps3 to shine so high in the sky!! in the end we all benefit from it!! i actually dont think we should care much who wins!! as long as they are all successful and have huge install bases then we will always get good games!! but i still hate the fact that MS always downgrade the multiplatform games.

thats just my opinion!!

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topgeareasy2941d ago

in Pal regions and Japan only America left

sikbeta2941d ago

Lets Just Wait for Gran Turismo 5 + Bundles and then I want to see If some crowd will dare to talk about sales again...

Omega42941d ago

"Many analysts have predicted that in the not to distant future"

That was before the 360 slim and Kinect. Sony is gonna need a lot more than "hope" to beat the 360. Cause it looks like they are gonna be in a distant third when everything is over.

FanOfGaming2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Consumer (fanboys) like yourself are what's wrong with the video game industry.

Off topic: Omega recommend 5 games that I can play exclusively on my Xbox 360 (worth buying). Forza is a no; Gran Turismo is superior. Halo is a no (only have faith in Reach). Fable is a no. Anything besides those franchises.

You are delusional, irrational, and without regard to how you spend your money; ultimately you are every corporation's wet dream.

Garnett2941d ago

You call him a fanboy, yet your riding the PS3? Double standards FTL!

Come get me in 2014 when GT5 finally comes out, Halo > any PS3 FPS,Fable is awesome. Did you forget to add Gears? Mass Effect? 360 has lots of good games, its just fanboys like YOU dont realize it.

stb2941d ago

And then you ride the xbox...some clap for you mister fanboy calling out another fanboy.

Here, take a candy.

demonddel2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

off topic fanofgaming tell me 5 games that i can play exclusively on the PS3 didnt like KZ2 halo 3 was better uncharted 2 was good and also was god of war 3 MGS4 was ok especially the story but i dont wanna watch a game i wanna play them just help me out man because the games i play the most no lie FORZA3 COD4 MASSEFFECT2 and HALO3 I only have 2 games exclusive for PS3 and about 10 Blu Rays and I also download all my movies on the PS3 because i dont like M$ point system the reason i bought that up because I wanna let you know i have a PS3

Shadow Flare2941d ago

omega, the 360 has been in 3rd place behind ps3 and wii in monthly worldwide sales since the latter consoles launched. The 360 has been the poorest selling console in monthly worldwide sales. It kinda explains why the gap between ps3 and 360 is getting less and less and less.

Try again?

SnukaTheMan2940d ago

Oh wait..will all those sales its still third huh......well there goes your theory.

Shadow Flare2940d ago

So if a really fat guy had a 10 minute headstart in a marathon and an olympic marathon runner was just behind the fat guy 3 minutes into his race, you would say the fat guy was the fastest would you? Just because he's in front?

Did that analogy fly over your tiny brain? Let me break it down for you.

360 had a year's headstart.
PS3 launched a year after.
PS3 has been decreasing the sales gap between the 360 and itself more and more.
PS3 has been selling more units then the 360.

Another bit of trivia for your thick head:

If 360 didnt have the year headstart, the ps3 would have long sinced passed the 360.

360 is the fat man with the headstart.
PS3 is the faster olympic marathon runner.

Now i would expect you to understand that, but instead i imagine your reading this with your mouth open, a slight bit of drool coming out, about to burst into a rage and punch your keyboard. But i wouldn't expect anything less from a complete ass hat who probably names his 360 Hilda and sleeps with it at night

So try again

jaysquared2939d ago

"360 had a year's headstart."
"PS3 launched a year after."

-I thought that didn't matter since the PS brand had 100+ million fanbase compared to the 25 million the original Xbox had? Many PS3 fans back in 2006 disregarded this because the Dreamcast had a year heard start over the PS2 and looked what happened there? Admit it you didn't think the PS3 was going to be in third place almost 4 years after the PS3 launched and will stay in the third place this Generation. Hmm wonder what happened to those 100+ Loyal Playstation fans??

"PS3 has been decreasing the sales gap between the 360 and itself more and more.
PS3 has been selling more units then the 360. "

-Its still in third place!

Shadow Flare2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

No doubt the xbox has done better this generation. But the wii has done massively better this generation and its the wii that has taken most of the ps2 userbase. However the ps3 has been decreasing the gap between itself and the 360. Ps3 has outsold the 360 in total numbers in europe despite launching 18 months after.

360 has been the poorest selling console in monthly worldwide sales. Behind ps3 and wii. Fact. If it had been selling more then ps3, ps3 wouldn't be reducing the gap between the 2. Thats all it comes down to. 360 is the poorest selling console out of the 3. Fact. It would be even more evident if it hadn't had a year headstart because it would be in distant 3rd by now

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MysticStrummer2941d ago

More likely the gap will be so small that both will be basically tied for distant 2nd. Not sure which will have a small lead over the other at the end, but for me the PS3 is the clear winner since I don't care for most 360 games and don't even consider the Wii to be part of the conversation. Kinect is a joke, but will probably still sell well for awhile. As for the 360s... congrats on coming out with a reliable console, Microsoft. Maybe now you can focus on catching up on the tech side of things. Don't tell me about this new wireless feature either. Buying a 3D tv is expensive but at least the feature is guaranteed to work. Most people don't have access to connections that will allow the new 360 wireless feature to work at anywhere near full capacity. It's a marketing gimmick, nothing more, but sadly many will fall for it.

jaysquared2939d ago

Well I think the Xbox and the Wii is the clear winner.. Both gaming platform brought great new features for the gaming world while all Sony did was just copy them and bring in a "movie format" to deceive gamers into thinking it was needed for gaming when it really was to help them win the format wars..

The wii brought in motion controller that has made it a hit which Sony then copied with the move.. The 360 brought in a great online service in Xbox live that PSN pretty much copied and is still copying and trying to play catchup! Achievements> Trophies, In game XMB, etc etc ...

LOL at you thinking people would rather upgrade their TV for a cost of $2000+ than upgrading their routerh for a mere $60!!! LOLOLOL You're an idiot thanks for coming!

Ravage272941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

lol going by the latest official shipment records, the gap is standing at 4.5mil. That was months ago, and the PS3 has been steadily outselling the 360 worldwide since then.

Think about it, the 360's annual shipment has gone nowhere but down every year and unless the obscenely priced $150 kinetic is going to change things round for M$, FY 2010 will see yet another year-on-year drop for the 360 hardware shipment.

Meanwhile, Sony is still holding on to the GT5 trump card and has projected a 15mil shipment target for the current fiscal year (2mil more than the fantastic result in 2009)

tatotiburon2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

lol they were hoping before slim and kinect and nothing happen, now how this is going to be different?? lmao

keep hoping...

yes ps3 maybe outsold xbox 360 in denmark, south africa, dutchland, greece, russia but xbox 360 still dominates the second biggest market of the industry: EEUU. Keep talking about ww sales without counting south america,oceania, africa, uk, ireland just europe and even counting all this continents and countrys, EEUU still have the biggest share of the market.

All ps3 "trumph cards" have failed so far to outsold the biggest exclusive of xbox yes let's keep hoping

SillySundae2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Do you have the sales figures to prove this claim of yours about nothing happening "before the Kinect and slim"?
(Hurry before someone humiliates you)

A lot of things happened the past year, the sales shows it:

VGChartz Hardware data for the period 01st Nov 2009 to 19th Jun 2010:
ps3: 3,978,764
x360: 4,387,583 <- wins by 1.6

ps3: 1,462,482 <- wins by 1.3
x360: 132,388

OTHERS (uk, fra, ger, ita, spa, scandi)
ps3: 4,477,963 <- wins by 1.4
x360: 3,075,505

... WELL BAM! there it is!

Now what are the figures on those other countries not counted?
Give them to me so I can add it here.
(OR do I just assume that ALL of them are for 360?)

x360 is NOW ONLY ahead by 1 million (overall, since release figures)
.. considering x360 had a headstart of 1 year which gave this sales advantage below:

VGChartz Hardware data for the period 02nd Jan 2005 to 07th Oct 2006:
(x360 already out, while PS3 is NOT)
PS3 : N/A
X360 : 4,806,401 <- This was your headstart (it is now down to 1M)

Try again.

Bhai2941d ago

...totally PWNED tato, my word, where has he been hiding, maybe under a rock or something :) ...
Its amazing to know that such xbots exist even today :)

cliffbo2941d ago


sony has already beaten ms with quality exclusives and more network users.

they only have overall sales to

WalMartFTW2941d ago

If your talking PSN has more users than xbox live I would kinda have to disagree because I heard on PSN you can create as much accounts as you want cause you don't have to pay. Correct me if I'm wrong

trancefreak2941d ago

Im seriously not buying into any of those motion control add ons untill it comes equipped in a box on a console purchase.

And im not buying anymore consoles this gen so thats that for me.

There is an exception that if move or kinect does something extraordinarly special i would probably make a decision from there. Im happy with standard controllers or kb/mouse for now.

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panasonic232941d ago

sorry not going to happen sony

Shadow Flare2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago ) gonna explain why or not?

Because the evidence over the past few years has been heavilly stacked in ps3's favour. PS3 has been outselling 360 worldwide for a long time now. And analysts predict ps3 will outsell 360 this year by 4 million units. That leaves a 1 million unit gap in total. A gap that would disappear in 2011 if things carry on as they are.

So again, you're gonna explain why right?

Garnett2941d ago

What evidence? PS3 out sells 360 for 6 months, then 360 out sells PS3 for 6 months, the gap gets no bigger nor smaller. MS would cut the price of the Elite in half (Like Sony did with the PS3)before they go to 3rd.

zootang2941d ago

Sony drop the price at TGS

$199 and it's all over


knightdarkbox2941d ago

"such as Uncharted 2 has been leading the innovative path, with the future looking even brighter. "

uc2: base install of 35 m and only 3.0 m for most hyped game of ps3.


Very impressive Microsoft an new entry in the console market is 7 Million units ahead of the dinosaur in the console world.

Karooo2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

4.3 million, its amazing u have to use lies now haha

Dont bring sales here, or i have to show u ME2 and Alan wake sales.

claterz2941d ago

Lol yep because sales = quality right?
Uncharted 2 is better than any 360 exclusive.

Baba19062941d ago

thats what knightdarkbox and other fanatics of the 360 dont get. the ps3 is not about million selling games. its about different kind of games for different kind of people and doing everything, so that many people can choose what they prefer to adapt.

MysticStrummer2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

7 million sales gap? Congrats on building a working time machine. Welcome to the future. We call it the present and here the gap is far smaller. Also... Blu-ray won.

Quagland2941d ago

UC 2 is above 3.0m and sold better than any 360 exclusive bar...sure enough, Halo/Gears. If Sony are the dinosaur what are Microsoft? The bumbling amateur?

Lou-Cipher2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Are you still going to be exaggerating those sales numbers when Gran Turismo 5 blows past Halo 3?

What happen when your sales argument runs out? What will you have left then?

Lost Odyssey is one of the 360's best exclusive games, and how well did that sell? How about Alan Wake?

I know it bothers you that 95% of the gaming industry is laughing their a$$ off at Microsoft for what Kinect has become, I know it sucks that MS has nearly abandond it's entire user base so it can impress the Nintendo crowd instead of the people that already own their console.I know it sucks that instead of a new IP the 360 guys are going to be stuck playing games like "Your in the Movies 2 for the rest of it's life cycle. The fact is Sony is starting to run away with nearly every category there is. It just kills you on the inside doesn't it.

If you guys are so hung up on Kinect, then why have you been 360 fanboys instead of Wii fanboys? I didn't realize you core 360 guys loved casual gaming so very much.

Garnett2941d ago

Lost Odyssey isnt a good xbox exclusive, just because its an JRPG doesnt mean its good, Halo 3 is good, Gears is good (I personally hate gears).

You do know that people laughed at the Wii when it was first announced? Do you know where it is now? Sheeting on the PS3 and 360 year after year in sales.

Snakefist302941d ago

Dude I never met a 360 fanboy who hate gears of war.

OmarJA-N4G2941d ago

knightdarkbox owned...again.

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